The French program for pre-elementary and elementary school is organized in a system of cycles, which provides the flexibility necessary to accommodate children’s diversity, expectations and rhythm of development. Each cycle covers a period of three years. Cycles with set objectives help keep an overall continuity and smooth progression in the learning process. Kindergarten consolidates the acquisition of knowledge learned in cycle one and is the beginning of cycle two, which includes first and second grades.

The curriculum is structured in five key areas:

  • Oral language and discovery of written language: acquiring language skills, discovering the written language. We prepare the children to learn to read and to be ready for first grade.
  • Learning to work together, cooperate and succeed autonomously: becoming a student, understanding the rules at school, learning how to cooperate and gain autonomy.
  • Gross motor skills development: body movement, free and structured; imagination though artistic expression, with music, dance, art.
  • Discovery of the world: science, math, history, and geography: learning about objects, matter, living things, shapes, sizes, quantities, understanding time and place.
  • Sensitivity, imagination, creativity, arts: art and craft activities, music.

A strong academic program

Kindergarten features a full-day curriculum developed in French and English. Instruction is delivered in French (19 hours per week) and in English (6 hours). Children develop pre-reading skills, expand their oral language skills and develop early literacy. Math skills, such as problem solving using logic games, working on quantities and numbers are an important part of the program. Math concepts are studied through interactive activities to prepare the students for the elementary school years. Kindergarten is the first year of cycle two which includes first .and second grade. At the end of first grade, children are able to read in French and English. The program consolidates the foundation and the skills in second grade.