From PK0 through PK2

Our pre-elementary school welcomes children between ages two and four. The school offers a half-day or full-day program depending on the class level. In PK0 there is greater flexibility. In preschool, most of the instruction is in French, with two periods of 20 to 30 minutes in English per week. Many students do not speak French at home. They learn the language in the immersion program, and by Kindergarten and first grade they are proficient enough to learn how to read in French and in English.

French Education system American Education system Student age
Ecole maternelle Pre-elementary school
Toute petite section PK0 Enter when they turn 2 before December 31st
Petite section PK1 3-4 years
Moyenne section PK2 4-5 years

Learning to work together, cooperate and succeed autonomously

We facilitate the discovery of the norms of social interaction. Children assume responsibilities according to their capabilities, account for their actions and listen to others. They develop language skills that enable them to better exchange ideas and feelings. They become more autonomous.

Oral language and discovery of written language

Students engage in a variety of spontaneous verbal exchanges and express themselves in a variety of situations, such as dialogue, stories, descriptions or explanations. They learn to enunciate well, use vocabulary appropriate to purpose and progressively learn a complex syntax structure through language games and repetition.While becoming acquainted with the written language, children gain access to the world of books. We prepare the children to learn to read.

Gross motor skills development

Physical activities enable children to develop motor skills and to grow intellectually and emotionally. Action and language are key components in a child’s development as they explore the space around them.

Discovery of the world: science, math, history, and geography

Children discover the world immediately around them. They construct knowledge through observation, manipulation and verbalization. They learn to offer critical judgment, based on their experiences.

Sensitivity, imagination, creativity, arts

Through varied exposure to works of art, children expand their imaginations and learn to express their feelings. Children take pleasure in building and inventing, and in exchanging ideas and feelings.

Optional classes

The Mandarin Option is available for grades PK1, PK2 and Kindergarten for two sessions of 30 minutes per week. Through interactive activities, songs, and manipulative activities, students will be exposed to the language, the sounds, and phonics and some Chinese characters.

The French class is offered to students who do not choose the Mandarin Option. See flyer in downloads for more details.

The school psychologist

She is part of the teaching team and plays an essential role in helping the teachers, identifying and preventing learning or behavioral difficulties, and coordinating integration and support programs for pupils with special educational needs.