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  Friday, September 26, 2014

L’agenda: Very Important Piece (VIP)

By Admissions


From the Latin verb, “agere“, do, or “things to be done”.

Your agenda is a VIP item, it should always be with you, in your school bag, so that it is available at home and in class. This is your main source of information for homework (les devoirs).

A few tips:

  • Write your name on the cover; if lost it will come back to you!
  • Always write the subject, date to turn in the work.
  • Write neatly, so that it’s easy to check what you have to do.
  • Cross or check off or highlight work that you have completed.

Your agenda is a reflection of your organizational skills. Update it every day!


First Middle School Forum – Thursday, October 2

By Bénédicte Brouder

The first MS forum will be a “Poetry Cafe.” 8th grade students will choose one poem that they have created either in their French or English language classes to share.

Forum will begin at 8:30 in the auditorium, and run until all the students have read at least one poem. (Hosted by Christopher Gonçalves and Emmanuel Samé).


First meeting for student delegates

By Admissions

The twelve delegates from 6th to 8th grade assembled in the Auditorium on Thursday, September 25 for the first meeting of the year with Mr. Jarlov and Ms. Wallen.

They were introduced to their role as delegates, or “délégués de classe” in French: representing their classmates, bringing up ideas to improve student  life, reporting back to their classmates after our monthly meetings, helping reinforce the rules, helping others, and helping set a good example for others by being model citizens.

Middle School Students will soon start community service activities — delegates can be good role models by being among the first to volunteer to be crossing guards or helping the preschool students at morning recess or lunch.

Delegates were asked to get feedback from their classmates on possible activities related to Halloween that might be part of main teacher hour on Thursday, October 23, and to let their classmates know that there will be a Halloween potluck and Costume Contest on the minimum day before break, Friday, October 24.

On the delegates wish list so far: class pets and lots of dances!

  Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bienvenue! Welcome!

By Admissions

Le nouveau blog du collège!

Middle school new blog!

Keep posted and subscribe to our blog! You will find information about coming up events such as field trips, Forum, contest, class delegates, announcements…

Restez en contact avec notre blog et abonnez-vous! Vous pourrez lire des informations sur la vie du collège: sorties éducatives, Forum, concours, délégués des classes, annonces…