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  Friday, April 29, 2016

Girls Basketball Secure #1 Seed

By Diesa Seidel

This afternoon, the Varsity Girls Basketball Team defeated Encinitas Country Day, 20-4, securing the #1 seed going into play-offs.

This season,  it was the team’s ruthless full court defense that set the tone game after game. SDFAS limited opponents to an average of 6.5 points per game, while scoring an average of 20.7 points per game. Impressive!

Semi-Finals: Tuesday, May 10th @ Alliant University

Finals: Thursday, May 12th @ Alliant University

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#LesSauvages #TeamOfTheYear #PlayLikeAGirl



  Thursday, April 28, 2016

Extended Studies Forum

By Admissions

Extended Studies English is for students who already speak English well, and who want to be challenged a little bit more. In our Sixth Grade Extended Studies class, we are reading Murder of the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie. After we read the book, we will watch the movie together to compare the book with the movie.

The students and I decided that they could choose different character roles to recite for you. It was up to them to decide if their parts would be large or small.

This is just a sampling of what we do in our Sixth Grade Extended Studies Class!

Barbara Regan.

On this picture : Maya Satterberg, Louna Ripart, Sébastien Altomare, Liam Sylvada, Liam Sapochnick, Alexander Price, Adrian Chaix, Ariana Giauque, Sébastien Fischer.



Survey by Nolwenn Garcia and Sidonie Laing-Bégin

By Admissions

During the journalism elective, two students, Nolwenn and Sidonie (6th grade) created a survey to find out what middle school students prefer to play during recess. Here are the results !

Durant l’elective de journalisme, Nolwenn et Sidonie (6th grade) ont réalisé une enquête sur les jeux que les élèves du collège préféreraient durant la récréation. Tous les élèves furent interrogés. De nombreux jeux furent suggérés tels quel le football (français et américain), le “foursquare”, le basket ball, le “gaga”, le hula-hoop…Les élèves avaient également la possibilité de proposer un choix. La plupart des élèves du collège aiment parler avec leurs amis pendant la récréation, dessiner ou tricoter mais finalement, c’est le football qui remporte l’unanimité. L’enquête portait également sur les jeux de société comme les échecs ou “apples to apples” qui ont été choisis par cinquante pour cent des élèves interrogés.




☐ Play Soccer  = 28

☐ Play Gaga – 8

☐ Play Football = 22

☐ Hula Hoop – 1

☐ Play Foursquare = 9

☐ Other:  57

☐ Play Basketball = 9


If we had some non-sports games such as chess, Jenga, etc., would you play them?

Yes ☐  = 35

No ☐ = 35



Ping Pong = 3

Chalk for drawing on the blacktop near new tables = 1

Life = 1

Clue = 3

Chess =  7

Risk = 2

Checkers = 1

Human Chess = 1

Monopoly = 1

Coloring books = 1

Cards  = 7

Foosball =  1

Impossible =  7 (videogames, pool, zipline…)

Twister = 1

Apples to Apples = 1

Hopscotch = 1

A suggestion from Erin Wallen: more footballs please – we had one and it got lost somehow, even though it was checked in and out from me. When someone brings one from home, the game is popular.


  Friday, April 15, 2016

Girls Basketball defeat Soille Hebrew Day

By Diesa Seidel

The SDFAS Girls Varsity Basketball team executed another stellar performance today against Soille Hebrew Day. The team took the lead early in the first half, pressing full court and converting on forced turnovers. Noella Coiquaud controlled the tempo of the game, blowing by defenders and engaging the team offensively. Adriana Telenti and Emma Lhuillier led the way defensively, savagely trapping Soille’s players in the backcourt. Alienor Calmejane fearless guarded Soille’s 6’0″ center, limiting her to 4 points.


IMG_6157Next game: Thursday, April 28th, 3:30 pm @ Encinitas Country Day

  Thursday, April 14, 2016

Earth Day in Middle School

By Admissions

Here are some poems and songs our 6th grades wrote for Earth Day :


Ride a bike to school,

Instead of driving there,

And if you choose to drive,

Be sure to always share,

A car with someone else,

That’s also going to school,

This saves our precious air,

And this is called carpool,

If you really want to,

Beat the heat, that’s fine,

So reduce the amount of carbon,

And allow earth to rewind.

CO2 is relevant,

In life as it is, so,

Take care of the air,

Don’t think of saying no!

In conclusion, I will say,

Save life! Have no strife!

And I’m really urging you to,

Fight for what is right.

-Maya Satterberg


Our World

In our dome

Which we call our home

Unlike Mars 

There are some scars.

Pollution is bad.

It is also sad.

Pollution is severe,

And we all wish it wasn’t here.

Global warming,

Which won’t stop growing

Has to stop,

Or it will be too hot, for even an ice pop!

If everyone would do their part,

A better world would start.

Every helpful little thing

Would make the world begin to sing.

-By Emma Berman 6A


Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases make a contribution

They are not just pollution.

They contain carbon dioxide

As we have all analyzed.

The oxygen on Earth is parted

It has been charted.

However, severe consequences came.

We lost the game

Too much carbon

From cars, come on.

Things will die

Pollution did not just drop by.

To stop all this pollution

To make things the way Mother Earth intended.

Then Earth will again be splendid.

By Chloe Gross 6A


Earth Day National Anthem

 Earth Day has come to be,

 Clean up with your family,

 Earth day has come,

Hand water the trees, you must,

 Take your bike not the bus,

 Turn off the factories they bring bad luck 

 Take very short showers,

 Not one for five hours,

 Earth day has come

 In the atmosphere you'll find,

 Particles of all kind

 The only way to stop this mess 

  is to rewind

  After we have rewinded 

  Earth will be free again

  From man's Left hand

  Trees will give birth again

  Animals will wrome the land

  Whales will jump in the sea

   Earth Day has Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By: Liam Sylvada, Lexine Arambulo and Ellie  Coalier 



Save the Date! La Troupe new production coming up!

By Admissions

La troupe will perform their new play and you are invited to attend the “première” on Friday April 29, at 6 pm in the Auditorium!

Picture: La troupe composed of 10 actors from the Middle School:


About the Play

Tonight was going to be writer Alina Deveraux’s most important night, the unveiling of her memoirs: a non-fiction fictional retelling of Alina’s life moment by moment up until three hours ago when she finished it.

Until she ended up dead. Or not dead.

The comedic, melodramatic one-act mystery, She Wrote, Died, Then Wrote Some More, is an hilarious romp that features betrayals, broken hearts, a rather odd but beautiful love story, and many twists. The play features a cast of eccentric and unique characters, who may or may not at some point end up dying themselves. Or appearing murdered because of a rare fainting when frightened disorder…

  Wednesday, April 13, 2016

And…a few more cap and gown photos!

By Bénédicte Brouder

These photos are courtesy of Erwann Coiquaud:



Poems in 6th grade

By Admissions

In March, students in 6th grade have created very beautiful poem booklets. Some of the poems have been displayed during the “Printemps des Poètes” (Spring of poets) event.

Read in the attachment some of the productions, under the direction of Aline Bunod.

Click on the link below:

Poems 6th grade

  Friday, April 8, 2016

Girls Basketball defeat Cambridge, 9-12

By Diesa Seidel

The girls basketball team executed a savage full court defense to defeat the self-acclaimed ‘best team in the league’ last night, 9 – 12. The girls played with fearless intensity as they forced turnovers and held Cambridge to 9 points. Noella Coiquand led the offense with 10 points. Adriana Telenti and Alienor Calmejane played tenacious defense, shutting down Cambridge’s best players. Maxine Arambulo, Emilie Otterson, and Emma Lhulillier controlled the boards with offensive and defensive rebounds. Amandine Brissot and Kimy Ghalie played aggressive basketball, stealing the ball on defense and making key passes on offense.

The girls basketball team is off to a commendable start!

Next game: Thursday, April 14 @ 3:30 pm vs Soille Hebrew Day (home game)

  Thursday, April 7, 2016

8th Grade Cap and Gown Photos

By Bénédicte Brouder

Despite the rain this morning, we were able to complete our individual and group 8th grade Cap and Gown Photos. Here are a few highlights: