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  Friday, May 13, 2016

Congratulations to our wonderful basketball and soccer players!

By Isabelle Gilet

Bravo à tous les joueurs et toutes les joueuses! Nous sommes très fiers de vous!

I was delighted today to go and support our teams. The girls played a fantastic game, and managed to remain confident despite a difficult start. When I arrived they were loosing but managed to turn around the score and reach the first place in the tournament. Congratulations and bravo to our great Coach Diesa Seidel for inspiring the students and sharing her passion for the game! Thanks to Mr. G for his help and support to the team!

The boys soccer team has also been amazing during the season, reaching the finals. Today they played against a strong team but never gave up despite being lead 2-1 in the last period. A few minutes before the end, they  equalized with an amazing goal 2-2. Luck was not on their side as the other team immediately scored another goal, winning the match 3-2. Being in the final and reaching second place is a success for our team. Congratulations to the players for their energy and their team spirit!

Un grand merci aux coaches for their time and dedication: Nicolas Margarot et Erwan Coiquaud!

Christian Jarlov



Girls Basketball: Undefeated Champions

By Diesa Seidel

Tonight, the SDFAS Girls Varsity Basketball team made an unbelievable 2nd half comeback to win the league championship game against The Cambridge School. The team was trailing 8 -0 in the 1st half, before hustling to close the gap before half-time. Starting the 2nd half, the team was down 10-5, as they began to rally to get back in the game. The team continued to play with unparalleled intensity and heart, as they forced turnovers defensively, and converted steals into scoring opportunities. With 6:00 minutes remaining, Cambridge scored a basket making the score 15-12.  The girls answered with their trademarked “sauvage” full-court defense, as Adriana Telenti pressured Cambridge’s number one player, and was a catalyst to spark a 5-0 scoring run for SDFAS. With 4:33 remaining, Noella Coiquaud confidently drained a deep 3-point shot, followed by a 2 point lay-up to give SDFAS the lead, 15-17. Emma Lhuiller scored a key basket stretching the lead to 4 points (15-19), with 1:47 to play. The Cambridge School didn’t stop, and shot a long 2 pointer from the wing to stay in the game, 17-19. The girls controlled the ball for the last minute, drawing fouls, getting offensive rebounds, and securing the victory for the league championship title. Congratulations to Maxine Arambulo, Emilie Otterson, Amandine Brissot, Kimy Ghalie, Alienor Calmejane, Emma Lhuiller, Adriana Telenti, and Noella Coiquaud for making  school history by becoming the first basketball team to go undefeated AND win the league championship title.

“1-2-3 SAUVAGES!!” FullSizeRender (3)


  Thursday, May 12, 2016

A fun survey by Nolwenn Garcia and Sidonie Laing-Begin (6th grade)

By Isabelle Gilet

During elective (journalism) Nolwenn Garcia and Sidonie Laing-Begin (6th grade) asked the students what is the most common vowel in their first, middle and last names. And results proved that the “A” is the most common one. 

Nolwenn Garcia et Sidonie Laing-Begin ont demandé aux élèves quelle voyelle ils avaient dans leurs prénoms et noms. Les résultats obtenus montrent que sur vingt-trois personnes :


  • 21 élèves ont un A
  • 12 élèves ont un E
  • 5 élèves ont un O
  • 15 élèves ont un I
  • 6 élèves ont un U
  • 0 élèves ont un Y


  • En conclusion, la voyelle A est la plus utilisée de toutes les voyelles dans les  prénoms et les noms de chacun.

Boys Soccer Win Semi-Finals

By Diesa Seidel

The Boys Varsity Soccer team sailed through the IMSL semi-finals, defeating The Cambridge School, 5-0, on Tuesday. Goals were scored by Joseph (2), Jivan, David, and Mael. The team’s tactful offensive play, combined with their iron defense, left their opponents with little opportunity. Heading into the finals, the team leads the league offensively with 35 goals, and defensively with 6 goals.

The team will play with full confidence in the finals against Soille Hebrew Day.

Goooo Stingrays!IMG_2830

Finals: 3:45 pm, Thursday, May 12th @ Alliant University


  Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Girls Basketball Advance to Finals

By Diesa Seidel

This afternoon, the SDFAS Girls Varsity Basketball team championed their way to victory in a tough semi-final game against Soille Hebrew Day. The team pushed through a grim first half, scoring only 5 points. Trailing 5 – 9 going into the second half, the girls brought up the intensity and refocused their A-game. With 8:00 minutes remaining in the second half, SDFAS took the lead 16 – 15 and never looked back. The team played true to their trademark “sauvages” defense and executed fundamental team play to secure the win, 18 – 15. The team will play in the league championship game this Thursday against The Cambridge School.

FullSizeRender (2)

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME at Alliant University, Thursday, May 12 @ 3:30 pm

  Saturday, May 7, 2016

Last Day in Dallas for La Troupe

By Isabelle Gilet

Saturday May 7, 2016

We spent our last morning at the Children’s Theatre today.

After breakfast we had one more show, presented by the Dallas International School High School English Students. It was a selection of scenes from famous playwrights: Molière, Shakespeare, Anouilh or Marivaux. The actors were excellent!

As our group had to leave earlier for the airport, we all went on stage and Lorraine Gachelin, coordinator of the Festival, made a short speech and gave each actor a medal, and a diploma. She also gave our school a trophy that we will keep as souvenir of La Troupe’s participation to the Festival 2016! It will be displayed in the showcase near the lunch area.


Above, you can see some pictures of this morning play by DIS High School students and from the Russian school we saw yesterday.


Pictures from the Award Ceremony and our trophy:

  Friday, May 6, 2016

More From the Theatre Festival

By Isabelle Gilet

Friday May 6, 2016

Actors from La Troupe have enjoyed seeing the productions from other schools today.

This morning we saw “POTPOURRI #1” from Dallas International School, English Elective class, and at noon, “FATS3” from the San Francisco Middle School, all 8th grade students, in an improvisation piece.

At 1 pm, we saw the play in French from École Internationale de New York and the title was “L’Audition” , a play written by  the Middle School students.

This afternoon, they participate in a workshop with clowns, before seing the play in Russian with English subtitles!

The last play of the day at 7pm (5pm San Diego time) is by the French Theatre group of Dallas International School. “Game of Films” and “Le deuxième coup de feu”.

See some pictures of the other plays below:


La Troupe: Pictures from the Play in Dallas

By Isabelle Gilet

Friday May 6, 2016

It was a wonderful performance this morning by La Troupe! Every actor played its part with a lot of confidence and energy and the public the public’s reaction was laughter and cheers at the end of the performance!

Bravo La Troupe!

See the slide show:


Vidéo-journalisme: SDFN émission #4

By Bénédicte Brouder

L’élective vidéo-journalisme est fière de vous présenter la quatrième émission de SDFN (San Diego French News), bon visionnage!

The video-journalism elective is proud to present its fourth SDFN (San Diego French News) episode, enjoy!


La Troupe: More picture from Dallas

By Isabelle Gilet

Thursday May 5, 2016 in Dallas

At the end of the day, students enjoyed a tex-mex buffet to celebrate Cinqo de Mayo in a Mexican restaurant near the hotel.

Before that, our young actors participated to various workshops. Click on the pictures to enlarge… More pictures will be posted tomorrow after the play, presented at 8 am San Diego time!