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  Friday, June 10, 2016

Todd Wirths Presentation to 2nd graders

By Francis Carlier

2nd graders have learned about the progression of organism and animal development based on the fossils found around the world. Todd Wirths (Annabelle’s father) also showed videos on how a paleontologist does his job at construction sites. Students realized the importance of observing areas being dug up in case there is an important fossil in the ground! We can learn so much about the past from fossils!

A big thank you to Todd Wirths!

Présentation 1 Présentation 9 Présentation 8 Présentation 3

  Wednesday, June 1, 2016

2nd Grade Presentation

By Francis Carlier

This is the end of the year and students in 2nd grade have matured and developed language skills in English and French. As a conclusion of the year, they were asked to present on one topic in both languages. They were also creative with visuals for the presentation in front of the class.

Here is a short sample of one student presenting a way to relax and other costumed presentation.