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  Sunday, June 5, 2016

En route pour Montréal, Canada

By Isabelle Gilet

This is the big day we have all been waiting for: le voyage au Canada!

All students and their teachers left this morning from the campus at 7am and are on their way to Los Angeles airport to take their flight to Montreal, on Air Canada of course!

Stay tuned for more information on the MS blog!

Bon voyage!

Christian Jarlov


Last MS Dance for 8th grade students

By Anne Laure Denis

Last night was the last MS Dance for our 8th grader students. 7th grade students had nice and kind words for them.

As usual, we had contests, slow times, and dance, and fun, and dance, and fun, and … Special Thanks to our DJ M. G!

Now our 8th grade students are getting ready for their end of the year trip : let’s go to Montreal!

  Friday, June 3, 2016

Math contest in Middle School

By Anne Laure Denis

Organized by Mme Mével, this math event challenged the student’s mental math abilities. Students were encouraged to do their best and to practice as much as they could to help develop their mental math skills. Students were given 7 minutes to do 30 calculations once a month since the beginning of the school year. The students with the highest scores were given an assortment of prizes today during forum.The winners this year are :

For 6th grade : 1 – Julian Ignatov, Alexander Price. 2 – Sebastien Altomare. 3 – Paul Madany. 4 – Emma Berman.

For 7th grade : 1 – David Llewellyn-Smith. 2 – Alexander Caracalla. 3 – Vincent Gélibert. 4 – Yann Baglin-Bunod.

For 8th grade : 1 – Victor Manzella. 2 – Henry Madany. 3 – Georges Perbost. 4 – Oceane Ignatov and Emilie Otterson.

Bravo à tous les élèves!

Written by Patricia Gomez-Lopez, 6th grade student.

Math contest 2016.JPG