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  Thursday, October 13, 2016

2nd Grade Forum

By Francis Carlier

The second graders presented a promo bout the 7 continents on Earth. We learned about some of the special features of each continent and the differences in their size. The students worked together to create maps or each continent.

Emily Loomis



  Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Cave Paintings in La Jolla

By Francis Carlier

After the study of the first humans and how humanity evolved, students had a virtual visit of the Lascaux caves. Located in the southwestern of France, Lascaux caves are among the most famous paleolithic caves in the world, and are particularly known for its paleolithic paintings. We saw that the scenes were in relation with the hunter-gatherer way of life and that most of the paintings represented the bush meat.

The 3rd graders discovered the tools and the layout that humans used and created their own paintings which have been shown to the rest of the school. For this work, chalks have been used reproducing the natural black (charcoal) and ocher (dirt) pigments.”

Alexandre Franquet



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