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  Thursday, May 4, 2017

Défi Scientifique/ Scientifique challenge

By Admissions

Our Maternelle students worked for the past weeks with their teachers on a very challenging scientific project.

The PK2 had to build “un arbre à sons/ a musical tree”. They had to follow some guidelines given by the MLF, “Mission Laïque Française”, a network of about 108 schools in 47 different countries to which SDFAS is affiliated:

-They had to create a structure that would make some music or sound and that would be animated by an element, such as wind or water… They could also create a song to sing along with the musical structure.

-They had to use only recycling materials.

-It had to be a team effort and help the students enlarge their vocabulary and solving skills.

The PK2 student’s scientific project took the form of a musical tree that they enjoyed playing to  accompany their song.

The PK1 students relied on a similar scientific approach. We were very happy to discover two scarecrows in the 5 senses garden of the Preschool, made by the PK1 students using only recycling materials.

Congratulations to our young scientists!

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  Monday, May 1, 2017

The butterflies hatched

By Admissions

After taking care of the caterpillars, the students were amazed to see them disappear in a cocoon for a few weeks and to finally hatched into beautiful colored butterflies.

The release of the butterflies happened just after the Spring break. One of the butterflies was curious enough to explore our butterfly house in the preschool playground.

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