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  Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MS Math/Science Club: presentation of findings

By Bénédicte Brouder


The science club presented their three projects about Climate Change in the parent’s pick up area between 8:15-8:30 on Wednesday June 14, 2017 before school. Our Student scientists have done an amazing job following the scientific process and were proud to teach us a lot about their findings.

by Alexandre Franquet and Nicolas Giot


IMG_3008 IMG_3010



  Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Project Stars Wars in 7th grade – French Math class

By Bénédicte Brouder

PICTUREst3 pictureST4

Project Star Wars: In the course of the French Math Class, the 7th of students had to invent and build spaceships from sketches. These ships were to be photographed in a position in space. After drawing each parts of the vessel as well as the patterns in a set of specifications, equipped with paper, scissors and glue, they have achieved their constructions. Here are their products in action in space. 

by Nicolas Giot

 pictureST1 PICTUREST5



Track and Field : finals 2017 on June 12

By Bénédicte Brouder

Congratulations to the Girls and Boys Track & Field teams for beating 5 other Middle Schools, and finishing in 1st and 2nd place as a team, respectfully, at our IMSL Championships yesterday afternoon.  The Championships took place at SDFAS, where only the top 6 qualifiers in each event, in each division competed for the league title.

In the Boys 5th/6th Division, SDFAS dominated, talking the Gold in the the 4 x 100m (Dorian, Emil, Gregoire, Giacomo), 400m (John), 100m (Giacomo), 800m (John), and 4 x 400m (Dorian, Jaxon, Giacomo, John).

The Boys 7th/8th Division was lead by Paul, Seiji, Caius, and David, who took home medals in the 4 x 100m, 400m, 100m, 200m, and Long Jump.

The Girls 5/6 Division placed in 1st in the 4x 100m (Emeraude, Emi, Elisabeth, Tahlia), 400m (Tahlia), 800m (Emeraude), and Triple Jump (Emerarude).

The Girls 7th/8th Division was lead by Lexine, Angeline, and Appoline. Medaling in the 1600 m (Lexine), 400m (Angeline), 800m (Lexine), 200m (Appoline), and Long Jump (Appoline).




  Friday, June 9, 2017

Forum with Mrs Eger, Holocaust survivor

By Admissions

5th, 6th and 7th grade students had a very special Forum yesterday with the talk given by Mrs Eger, a resident of La Jolla who has endured extreme hardship during World War II, and delivered a message of peace and hope to the new generation.

From SD Union Tribune:

“In spring 1944, during World War II, Eger and her family were forced to leave their home in Hungary and go to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. Her parents were sent to die in the gas chambers of Auschwitz with more than a million other Jews.Eger, 16, was left in the prison camp and fellow inmates volunteered her to dance for Josef Megele, who had sent her parents to the gas chamber. She received a piece of bread and was spared death, at least temporarily. American soldiers liberated her in 1945.”

Many students had the possibility to connect with her and ask questions. It was a very moving moment and students got to understand better history with the testimonial of an exceptional lady.

Pictured: Mrs Eger and Paul asking questions.IMG_1335 IMG_1327


A Day in Old Quebec

By Admissions

8th graders enjoyed their discovery of the old city of  Quebec. They experienced the “Conseil Souverain de la Nouvelle France” a historic role play in a beautiful setting.


20170608_162051 20170608_162158

  Thursday, June 8, 2017

A la découverte de la ville de Québec

By Admissions

The group is now in Quebec. Students participated in the geocatching amazing race in small groups.

On the way from Montreal, they stopped at the Montmorency Waterfall Park. (see pictures)

The next activity was the role playing game: “le conseil souverain en Nouvelle France”.

After a good diner and a nights sleep, it will be time to pack and prepare for the return journey.

Click to start slide show:


Canada Trip: visit to the Science Museum in Montreal

By Admissions

The 8th grade had a very busy day Wednesday, with educational activities and hands-on experiments in the afternoon at the science museum:

20170607_142839 IMG_0198 IMG_0197 IMG_0196 20170607_143351 20170607_143339

The day ended with more relaxing moments: a diner at a pizza restaurant (yes they don’t eat just poutine in Canada) and a Bowling competition…

IMG_0201 IMG_0207 IMG_0204

Today Thursday, students are on their way to Quebec, a beautiful and historic city in the heart of the French speaking province.

  Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Discovering Old Montreal

By Admissions

After the rallye in Old Montreal, the students enjoyed their free time in this charming part of the city. We then walked to the Science Museum on the banks of the River. They experienced how to be real CSI detectives before a second hands-on science workshop and an Imax movie ( Wild America). Dinner at the Creperie T Breiz on the Plateau tonight!


Blue Sky above Montreal today!

By Admissions


The group is exploring the city and posing in front of a metro entrance, showing the French heritage:Hector Guimard designed these entrance in between 1900 and 1912, they are now considered classic example of Art Nouveau.

20170607_090942 20170607_083058


More pictures from Canada – Visit to the Biodôme

By Admissions


Yesterday afternoon, the group discovered the Biodôme, and practiced orientation in the “Métro”. They have become very confident using the city public transport! After a pizza party (some ordered pizzas aux escargots) they went to the movie and the choice was “Patients” based on the book by Grand Corps Malade, a famous French singer. Wednesday’s weather forecast is promising, back to the summer!