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  Monday, October 30, 2017

ASA Tap & Rhythm Dance

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

This class is comprised of children who have taken the ASA Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet classes in the past for at least one term, and a few have also participated in the ASA Combo Pre-Tap class.  They are familiar with the structure, and move easily from one activity to the next.  Initially, Miss Leslie’s intention was to present this class as a tap and rhythm class exclusively, but as the students have continued from previous terms, and per their request, I have included pre-ballet movement.

We begin class with seated exercises to focus, stretch, and isolate movements.  We run through our series of ballet positions, etc., and then work on moving across the floor.  Each dancer has several opportunities to lead their line, performing various movements from bourrée, to chassé, sauté arabesque, jeté (leaps), etc.  Miss Leslie have been focusing more on arm positioning at this level, and trying to make children more aware of pointing their toes, and holding their posture.  (This coordination and awareness takes many years to perfect!)

We work on combinations and choreography for our performance coming in December, and then change to tap shoes.

In tap, we begin with a warm-up consisting of basic technique including toe taps, toe and heel drops, toe and heel digs, slaps, brushes, ball changes.  After reviewing and corrections, Miss Leslie try to add a new step to add to their skill set.  We work in a single line formation, and also follow in a line across and around the room.

Miss Leslie also work on rhythm timing: half-time, on-time and double-time, by having them perform steps at each speed.  We work with and without music.  To enhance their sense of rhythm, and to add some fun variety, I have begun to teach simple clapping and body tapping, along with feet-tapping.  A definite challenge to their coordination!  Judging by the giggles, the children seem to enjoy this.  Our combinations for choreography will include some of this.

At the end of class, children take turns sharing any skills they choose, although I encourage them to share both a ballet and a tap skill if they seem to repeat the same thing more than once.  This group still looks forward to their sticker reward at the end of class.  It is nice to have students continuing the ASA dance classes, as I do see improvement from their earlier terms.  As they mature emotionally and physically, they have become capable of picking up skills more quickly and executing them more proficiently.

All of the children are becoming excited to know they will soon be showing their families what they have been learning!


ASA Creative Movement/Pre-ballet

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

Wednesday class begin with stretches and isolations sitting in a circle on the floor.  (This includes positions like “butterflies”, “Supergirl”, and sitting in a wide-legged second position stretch, so that toes touch, creating a closed circle.)  This activity allows the young group to settle and focus, and to enjoy using their imagination.  They have come to especially enjoy laying on their tummies with arms and legs held off the floor, “flying” like “Supergirl”.

From here we move on to basic ballet positions and technique, reviewing the terminology, and counting repetitions, often in English, French and Spanish.  Students demonstrate how to make a “diamond” (plié), how our toes “kiss” our knees (passé), and how we dip our toes in the “water” (tendu and piqué).

Next we move across the floor, generally two-by-two with various steps and movements from chassé, to bourée, to skipping, and hopping (sauté), etc.  The children have fun executing different ways to chasse: classic, “horsie” chassé, and sideways chassé.  Each of the dancers is given a chance to be a line leader, and I am happy to say that they have progressively become more patient while waiting for their turn, and look forward to their chance to lead.

We also work on combinations and choreography that will lead to their performance in December, and the final few minutes of class are spent sharing what we have learned that day.  Each dancer has her opportunity to choose something to demonstrate to the group.  At the conclusion of class, students receive a sticker for their successful participation and good, respectful behavior toward me and each other.

The children have settled nicely into the flow and routine of the class.  It  is good to see that a couple of the children who were a bit shy and somewhat reluctant dancers in the first week or two, have come out of their shells, and participate fully with the class, confident to share/demonstrate more openly, and to take their turns as a line leader.


  Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall Camp

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

From cooking, baking, crafting for Fall & Halloween and playing, children enjoyed the Fall Camp with our instructors Emma & Kayla, Sarah & Chloe, and Vesna & Nohemi.



ALBION Fall Soccer Camp

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

This is our first ALBION Fall Soccer Camp,  instructed by Scott Morrison. Scott is a National A Licensed coach and played professional soccer in Scotland and the US and he is now with ALBION Soccer.

Children benefit from the high level coaching and methodology including lots of Ladder work/ Speed Training/ Coordination/Ball & Juggling Exercises/Combination Passing/Skill Moves Competition/Sit ups/Cool down/ Debriefing. We had such a hot weather this week and children had lot of fun.



  Friday, October 6, 2017

ASA Skateboard

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

Happy to announce that skateboarders in the Wednesday advanced class keep progressing.  We are now setting up the bigger ramp and they have all lost the fear of going up and down the ramp.  Most of them are pushing fast enough to go up and down by themselves.  We are now working on a combination of ramps, so they get used to not only one obstacle but several, as soon as they go over one ramp, they must prepare for the next one, much like a skatepark, where they can pick a line and go over all obstacles without stopping.  They are also becoming independent and are attempting new tricks. They are learning to help each other do better, skateboarders such as Jonathan, Zachary and Dennis are always willing to volunteer and help the other kids accomplish their goals.

Please consider registering your kids for the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon, raising awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research. The kids can very well skate one lap around Fiesta Island (4.37 miles).  You may registers HERE.



ASA French Conservatory of Music

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

Already one month practice for our children who are registered for the French Conservatory of Music with Piano and Violin lessons. They are all progressing nicely with their instruments.


  Thursday, October 5, 2017

ASA Planète verte

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

Learning all about recycling is the goal of this class, this week children used a CD, a water bottle cut in half and acrylic paint to give some accent and personalize their creation using their imagination. They created a fun display of succulent that they can see growing every day with just a little water.

  Wednesday, October 4, 2017

French Adult classes

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

We have a great selection of French classes for adults, on Tuesday with Isabelle A2/B1 Intermediate level from 1:30 – 3 pm, A1 beginner from 5-6:30 pm, on Wednesday with Stephanie A1 level on Wednesday from 9:15 – 10:45 am and A2 level from 11:10 – 12:40 pm.

Notice the level of concentration of the students during last Wednesday adult French class with Stephanie rushing through a contest on numbers. This class is full and we are opening a new A1 beginner class on Tuesday from 9:15 – 10:45 am. Other days are also available inquire to Valérie.

adult french