Math Olympics!

Math Olympics!

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MOEMS — Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS – is a large and popular mathematics problem solving competition for students in grades 4-8, run by a non-profit organization. Last year nearly 170,000 students from 6,000 teams worldwide participated in the Olympiads. All 50 states and about 30 other countries were represented.

Our own French Math Teacher, Nicolas Giot, organized a MOEMS tournament on our campus on Friday, April 13, inviting students and teachers from two local independent schools, The Grauer School and Warren Walker School, to participate along with a group of SDFAS Middle Schoolers from the Math Club. Altogether, we had 6 teams of 5 to 6 students, along with their math teachers.

It is worth noting that the MOEMS competition is for teams, not for individuals, and that each team today was composed of members from each of the three schools.

Beyond the mathematical component, the tournament strengthened the links between our schools, created an opportunity for students who did not know each other to develop their collaborative skills by working together to solve problems, and opened the door for new friendships to begin.

MOEMS GOALS as explained on
• To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
• To introduce important Mathematical concepts
• To teach major strategies for problem solving
• To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
• To strengthen Mathematical intuition
• To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
• To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Girls Basketball Defeat Grauer and Soille Hebrew Day

The SDFAS Varsity Girls Basketball Team played a doubleheader this afternoon against The Grauer School and Soille Hebrew Day. The team’s “sauvage” full court press defense forced turnovers and sparked the SDFAS offense. In both games, SDFAS took the lead early in the 1st half and secured both victories with their defensive hustle, precision passing, and team play.
SDFAS 28, The Grauer School 10.
SDFAS 12, Soille Hebrew Day 6.

SDFAS finishes 1st in Track Meet

On Monday afternoon, SDFAS competed in our second sports league track & field meet. Five middle schools competed in 11 disciplines: 4 x 100, 1600, 400, 100, 800, 200, 4 x 400, long jump, triple jump, shot put and discus. The SDFAS boys and girls swept the competition, finishing in 1st place as a team in all age divisions.

Next Track & Field Meet: Tuesday, April 17th @ 3:30 pm


Fay Awad passes the baton to Juji Riche in the girls 4 x 100 relay (5th/6th division)

Fay Awad passes the baton to Juji Riche in the girls 4 x 100 relay (5th/6th division)

Nicola Redon (7th grade) jumps 28 ft and places 1st in the Triple Jump.

Nicola Redon (7th grade) places 1st overall in the Triple Jump with a distance of 28 ft.