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  Friday, June 8, 2018

PK0 students on their first field trip

By Admissions

Our PK0 students went to SDFAS sport field to discover some animals: Giant rabbit, goat, alpagas, ducks, and more. They loved it!

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  Friday, June 1, 2018

Kindergarten Graduation 2018

By Admissions

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This morning we celebrated our Kindergarten Graduation.

A study find that “The average Kindergarten student has already spent 5,000 hours in front of a TV screen, nearly as much time as necessary for a university student to complete a bachelor’s degree!” SDFAS students, with 25 hours of instruction per week and 35 weeks per year, from PK1 to Kindergarten, will have spent about 3,000 hours in an incredibly varied, enriching learning environment: 3,000 hours not spent in front of a TV screen but in rich interactive educational activities, immersed in languages, mixing with friends from a large variety of backgrounds.

An incredible start for elementary school, that gives them a global perspective preparing them to make positive changes in tomorrow’s world.

Congratulation SDFAS Kindergarteners !