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  Wednesday, September 19, 2018

ASA Digital Detox (new activity)

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

Children are enjoying some time with no screen, and play games, some good old traditional board games. UNO, playing cards and monopoly to name a few… there are still space for your child to join, on Monday from 3-4 pm for 2nd-8th grade


  Thursday, September 13, 2018

ASA On s’amuse au théâtre

By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

ASA: On s’amuse au théâtre

Today was first day of Theatre class! Woo Hoo!  The students enjoyed learning about the different directions on the stage and how to exaggerate movement so it’s bigger than life by blowing imaginary gigantic bubbles in different directions and “watching” them float to the sky!

If you are interested in having your child join the class, we can get more children to learn the basics of theater, activity open to PK1-K on Monday from 3:15-4:15 pm with Susan Hall