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  Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mindfulness through Yoga and Meditation in SDFAS K.

By Admissions


During quiet time, Kindergarten students engage in relaxation activities like yoga, meditation, and massages. These massages are done with slow and gentle movements. The gestures we choose are based on natural elements from the weather such as rain, sun, wind… In that way, a mental picture is created.

Massages help to reduce the chance of cumulative fatigue in the morning. They also build new interactions between classroom peers, as we reinforce what we know about Social Emotional Learning.

This quiet activity happens once or twice a week in French and in English. It’s a time that students appreciate a lot because they can relax and recharge their battery for the rest of the day!

  Friday, September 21, 2018

Design Thinking in Early Childhood Education

By Admissions


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San Diego French American School will celebrate creativity by providing an opportunity for its youngest students to play and learn by using simple materials to build the things they imagine. The theme this year is Transportation. Let’s encourage our children to explore their interests and passions and use this as a way to reinforce language and work on valuable “21st Century” skills such as critical thinking, resourcefulness, perseverance and teamwork.