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  Friday, December 14, 2018

Positive reinforcement

By Admissions


This year all our pre-elementary classes switched to positive reinforcement. We adopted a token economy in which pebbles are given individually but at the end of the day, the students empty their little buckets into the group bucket to contribute to a group reward that the students choose together.

This system allows us to focus on good choices and create group cohesion. Collective rewards varied since the beginning of the year: In K we had painting on the windows, eating in the classroom, having hot chocolate etc.This week our KA filled up their collective bucket and decided together that they wanted their teachers to organize an Alpha hunt.Alpha

  Friday, December 7, 2018

Fairy tale and Robotics

By Admissions

Fairy tale and Robotics

Do you know The Three Little Pigs? Like most people you must have read the story or seen the cartoon. Our PK2 students created a new version of it, using tiny robots: the Ozobots. The principle is simple: the robot  follows any traced line on paper, representing a drawing, an art piece or… a fairy tale character’s path. Children were able to place all the elements from The Three Little Pigs on a large sheet of paper (spatial orientation), to trace the wolf’s route (memorization and story segmentation), and to narrate the tale live, observing the robot-wolf literally moving along the story (oral skills). How exciting it was to create an animated RoboTale, moving in front of our eyes!