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  Friday, December 20, 2019

2nd A presentation

By Francis Carlier

The 2nd grade A read the story of the Gruffalo in French and decided to present their own musical of the Gruffalo. The class wrote their adaptation of the Gruffalo and worked on acting skills in class.

Students were dressed as mice, foxes, owls, snakes and Gruffalos! The play was enriched with dances and songs. The students were very excited and had a lot of fun during the performance. Thanks to the second graders, the Gruffalos finally had a chance to win at the end of the story! Bravo les CE1!

– Caroline Dumas-

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  Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Bilingual Research and Presentation Project

By Francis Carlier

Life Sciences “Animal Adaptations” – 

Third graders learned about animal adaptations in science in both French and English. Leveraging their knowledge with technology and cyber safety, the students safely conducted research on various animal adaptations, such as: Scientific Names, Climate, Habitat, Diet, Physical Adaptations, Behavioral Adaptations, and Interesting Facts. The research and presentation project was designed to stimulate students’ curiosity, as well as provide opportunities for students to collaborate, communicate, and formally present their findings simultaneously in both languages. The project also enhances the students’ research, artistic, reading, and writing skills in both languages.

-Alice Kong & Murielle Brimaldi –

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