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  Friday, February 28, 2020

Morning Meeting Forum

By Francis Carlier

Morning Meetings are an integral component of Responsive Classroom and Social and Emotional Learning. At SDFAS, we are working to build strong classroom communities where all students feel safe, welcome, respected, supported, and happy.
This morning, the 3rd grade students proudly presented what Morning Meetings look like in their class. The forum began with two students welcoming the audience in French and English. The students then talked about their friendships in groups of two or three. Finally, they shared with the audience what they talked about. It was heartwarming to see these young students speaking so kindly and fondly of their peers.
Alice Kong & Murielle Brimaldi
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  Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Geometry in 3rd grade

By Francis Carlier

In 3rd grade geometry, the students are studying a very unique figure: the circle. In addition to learning to manipulate a compass, they are asked to understand the concept of “the circle”.

Marie-Pier (math coordinator) and Murielle organized an activity for the students to help them better understand what a circle is.

Placing a gift on the ground, they asked all the children to stand at the same distance from the gift.
After several attempts, they naturally found that the best configuration was that of a circle.
In class, the pupils also quite naturally found the definition of the circle: a set of pupils placed at the same distance from a gift also defined as a set of points equidistant from the center.
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