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  Friday, June 18, 2021

5th grade Moving Up Ceremony

By Francis Carlier

On Wednesday morning, the 5th grade class had their Moving Up ceremony to mark their completion of elementary school!  Each student delivered a thoughtful speech reflecting on their past year and their entire elementary experience. Most importantly, they looked forward to their upcoming experiences in Middle School here at SDFAS.  Parents were invited to attend in-person or online, and the ceremony was held on the Ocean View campus behind the 5th grade classrooms.  We wish all our 5th graders the best of luck in their middle school experiences!

  Friday, June 11, 2021

Our new bakers!

By Web Master

This week class 3B teamed up to bake bread in the classroom! Divided into small groups, they worked autonomously and used a scale to measure ingredients in grams and milliliters. A great way to apply already learned math skills! End result: delicious bread that was appreciated by all!

  Friday, June 4, 2021

Building Bridges in 5th grade

By Francis Carlier

The ” Building Bridges” program allows 5th-graders to interact with Middle School classes. This week, our 5th-graders met their fellow students from 8th-grade.
This allowed them the opportunity to ask the 8th-graders questions about their time in Middle School. The 5th-graders also took advantage of the meeting to participate in an activity that groups students into “Houses”.
Here is what one of the 5th-graders found of the experience:
“In the beginning, we sat down in the field outside our class. We were waiting to be sorted into Houses. The 8th-graders told us about the Houses. Then, one by one we were called up to join a House. After everyone got their ticket and had been allocated a House, they were happy to answer our questions about how the Houses work.”