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  Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Prize Albertine winners

By Web Master

Here is the list of the Prize Albertine winners:

  • “La grande plongée” in Preschool won the hearts of children throughout North America with its innovative soundtrack that accompanied the book. Click here to watch it read by our teacher Isabelle Senecal.

  • In Cycle II, “Blob” was chosen by all our classes and elected. Discover the work on the 2nd and 3rd grade on the project in the photographs below and in the movie by clicking here.

Blog written by Alexandra Lette

  Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Nos défis inférences

By Web Master

As part of a Mission Laïque Française (French secular mission) project for French schools around the world, we studied three stories with a wolf  as common theme: Le petit Chaperon rouge, Le petit Chaperon qui n’était pas rouge and Une soupe au Caillou. We learned new vocabulary, solved riddles about the characters from each story … and we also created our own riddles!
This project has, among other things, allowed us to develop the student’s vocabulary by identifying keywords in a short text and formulating riddles. To view the result of our class’s work, please click here.
Blog written by Anne Ferton, Kindergarten Teacher
  Thursday, June 3, 2021

“Album Moi, je”

By Web Master

The “Album Moi, je”  (“Me, I”) is a tool used in Preschool to jump-start language learning. It is based on repetition and mostly oral learning. The teacher uses pictures of the student in action and of himself/herself doing the same action. As the teacher and the student work in a 1×1 setting, the teacher starts by saying what he/she is doing. For example, the teacher says, “I eat” followed by the question “what are you doing?” The student then repeats “I eat”, re-using vocabulary used in class. It will be done regularly so the student becomes familiar with using the pronoun + verb. 

 In a bilingual setting, we use this approach in the strong language of the student with a native-speaking teacher. We then do the same activity in the language he/she is learning. It is mostly oral. 

In the movie below you can see an example of “Album Moi, je” with a distance learning student in PK1. The pictures have been created from the pages of a known book, re-using the vocabulary of actions related to planting. Note, the help of the gestures for each action and the skills exercised, listed at the end of the video

 The logical continuation of this preparatory work is the album ECHO. It can use the same pictures, but the teacher’s pictures disappear. The “album ECHO” stands for echoing the students, reinforcing the language through the activities they have done previously. It has one or two goals grammatically (the use of a certain pronoun, of a particular tense, preposition, or language complexity). A written trace is kept by the teacher and strengthened as the 1×1 sessions occur. 

In a bilingual setting, those albums are an opportunity to bridge the gap between languages, to build meaning for children who are just discovering the language. Later, they are a tool to exercise and acquire targeted grammatical structures and vocabulary. 

Blog written by Alexandra Lette – Pre K teacher