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Multi-lingual. Multi-talented. World Ready.

Welcome to San Diego French-American School.

While browsing these pages, you will come to know us better and discover the enriching variety of academic, social, and extra-curricular activities our students enjoy.

San Diego French-American School students are “multi-lingual…multi-talented… and world ready!”

 Our school provides a rigorous dual-language immersion curriculum and unique multicultural experience that equips students with the intellectual and cultural skills needed to excel in a global society.

The success of our students is based not only on academics. We want our students to be happy, to feel nurtured and to be individually supported in their learning experience. We focus on strong academic knowledge and skills, building the foundation for their future in high school and college. We emphasize character development, and promote the acquisition of positive qualities, such as critical thinking, respect, tolerance, resilience, and open-mindedness, all in an international environment.


For more than 27 years, SDFAS has been offering an excellent education with an international perspective, plus a well-structured curriculum and the tools to prepare students for tomorrow’s world.

Accredited in both the United States and France, SDFAS is recognized and sought after by families from around the world, for its…

  • bilingual education, which offers a motivating, rich and structured program, in a large variety of subjects from literature, history, and science to sports and the arts
  • qualified teachers, who are passionate about their jobs and consider students’ needs their priority
  • comprehensive math program, with methods to encourage logical thought processes as early as preschool
  • pedagogic approach, which fosters creativity, critical thinking skills and debates in small classes, and
  • a multicultural environment promoting the capacity to understand and respect others, and to develop the ability to adapt to other languages and cultures.

Every day, I take great pleasure in witnessing our students’ wide array of talents and enthusiasm in their learning experiences. Throughout the day, they are making new discoveries and switching languages with ease. In this warm, professional, and family-like environment, the educational team provides each student with very personalized attention in order to ensure his or her success.

SDFAS alumni often come back on the campus and they still feel part of the community. They comment on how easy it has been to enter the high school of their choice, and how well prepared they were to succeed in their new environment. “My 9th grade class was easier than 8th grade at SDFAS,” has become a phrase echoed among our former students!

SDFAS is also a community of parents, teachers and administrators who share the same values and vision: to provide children with the necessary tools to help them become open-minded adults, who are capable of communicating effectively, who are able to adapt to an ever-changing world, and who are skilled at thinking creatively, thus bringing their own original solutions to 21st century challenges.

Welcome to our school’s website!

Christian Jarlov, Head of School

One school, many cultures

To succeed, a child must feel comfortable in his own culture, open his/her mind to others and learn to appreciate world heritage.

Sayings are part of this heritage. You might know this one: “to raise your children well, you must give them roots and wings”. This image is true to the spirit of our school, and this is why:

Roots : a well rounded program

Roots provide a solid foundation for our students. This foundation allows them to be well prepared for high school and the world of higher education. Of course the knowledge of at least one language, in addition to their own, is a remarkable advantage that gives them fantastic abilities to communicate in a growing international environment.

We don’t know what tomorrow’s world will be like, but we know that the ability to adapt and to understand new situations will open doors. Our program also gives solid foundations in math with methods that promote critical thinking skills and the power to solve problems.

Roots are also the foundation for the knowledge of history and world culture, from the birth of democracy in Athens to human rights or the discovery of American Indian civilization.

Roots provide the cornerstone of our educational values, such as the importance of citizenship, and the attitudes and qualities that are encouraged everyday at school. The projects led by the school community, the humanitarian group or the green campus committee promote these important values of solidarity, respect for others and for nature, and tolerance. A well-rounded education helps our students grow into valued adults who are able to change tomorrow’s world for the better..

Wings to create

What does “give wings to our children” mean?

It clearly means to open their minds and broaden their horizons; to give them the chance to become creators by freeing their imagination, enhancing their critical thinking skills and encouraging autonomy.

At SDFAS, teachers are discovering each student’s unique talent. Small class size allows them to focus on the individual, giving each one the time to express their ideas and stimulating those who can go further in their research.

Shows, writing workshops, debates, keynote presentations, artistic activities or sports, are some of the many ways to open one’s wings and fly away in the fields of creation, preparing our students to change tomorrow’s world. We consider that every child has dreams and it is our role to help him/her fulfill them.

Every day on the campus, we see children who are happy to be here, to live this extraordinary experience of bilingual education, switching from one language to the other and feeling more and more comfortable in their own mind and body, and visualizing the world in their own way.

SDFAS is more than a school: it’s a warm and welcoming community made of adults, teachers and parents whose main goal is the education and success of the children. It’s also a community composed of families of diverse origin, a true mosaic of cultures and languages to be shared. Every year, numerous events bring together children and adults, the young and the old in a spirit of learning and sharing from one another.

To be a part of SDFAS, as parents, you are collaborating with the school to prepare your children’s future by giving them an excellent education with a global perspective!

Christian Jarlov, Head of School