Multi-lingual. Multi-talented. World Ready.

Welcome to San Diego French-American School.

Greetings! I invite you to spend some time perusing the pages of our SDFAS website in order to learn more about our sought-after bilingual school with its compelling array of academic, social and extracurricular programs.

Founded in 1988, San Diego French-American School serves students in Nursery through Grade 8 from age 2 to 13 years old. Our mission is to provide a rigorous dual-language immersion curriculum and unique multicultural experience that forges open-minded citizens. For more than 29 years, SDFAS has been offering a world-class education with an international perspective through a carefully planned curriculum and by providing the materials and facilities necessary to prepare students for our 21st century world.

Accredited in both the United States and France, SDFAS is recognized and sought after by families from around the world, for its…

  • bilingual education which offers a rich, motivating, and carefully planned curriculum in a variety of subjects from literature, history, math and science to robotics, sports and the arts
  • highly qualified and accomplished teachers who are passionate about their work and always put their students’ needs first
  • comprehensive math and science programs which encourage logical thought processes as early as preschool
  • pedagogical approach which fosters creativity, critical thinking skills and debate
  • individualized attention and small class size with linguistic support and enrichment as needed
  • multicultural environment promoting the capacity to understand and respect others, and the ability to adapt to other languages and cultures.


SDFAS offers a warm, nurturing family atmosphere. It is a place with motivated learners and one in which enthusiasm and creativity abound. It is a space filled with focus, hard work, humor and fun. Students at SDFAS are engaged in school life and they are happy. They take great pride in their unique bilingual identities. Alumni return frequently, still feel a part of the community, and often comment on how easy it was for them to succeed in 9th grade in their high school of choice.

SDFAS is more than just a bilingual school. It is a diverse international community of students and parents, teachers and administrators, all of whom share the same vision and values. We all want our children to grow to be confident in themselves, to express themselves fully, to communicate clearly, to work well with others, to demonstrate flexibility and adaptability, to show genuine empathy and respect for others (especially those who at first seem different from us) and to use their creativity to seek solutions to complex 21st century problems.

As a community, we at SDFAS regularly enjoy each other’s company throughout the year at the many events hosted by the school or its active Parent Association, such as during “forums” and “mini forums” (all- school assembly presentations), Back-to-School Picnic, Halloween parade, Holiday Market, Winter Show, International Week, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Jog-a-thon, the Gala, Spring Fair and more.

SDFAS focuses on the acquisition of strong academic knowledge and skills, laying the foundation for our students’ future success in high school and college. And, SDFAS emphasizes character development, promoting the acquisition of positive qualities such as respect, tolerance, open-mindedness, adaptability and resilience. Every day at school our students spend their day switching in and out of two different languages with ease.  Each day our students are exposed to multiple perspectives, varied teaching approaches, differing worldviews, and multiple methods of analysis. It is a great pleasure to witness our students’ versatility and wide array of talents as they learn and play in the unique multicultural environment that is SDFAS.

Once again, I warmly welcome you to the San Diego French-American School website. Please do explore these pages to learn more about our school, keeping in mind that San Diego French-American School students are “multi-lingual…multi-talented… and world ready!”

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email with any questions you may have or to schedule a visit.

Mark Rosenblum, Head of School