Who We Are

Our Commitment to Bilingualism and Global Citizenship

Our Students

  • Explore, create and take risks as they endeavor to become independent thinkers.
  • Take joy in their own successes and in the accomplishments of others.
  • Recognize the importance of being kind, respectful, and honest.

Our Educators

  • Believe that mutual respect and caring form the basis for any successful teacher-student relationship.
  • Recognize the need to be attentive to academic growth, character development, and socio-emotional well-being.
  • Value creativity and are passionate about research-based best practices and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Our Parents

  • Believe in the richness of a bilingual, multicultural education.
  • Act in partnership with teachers and with the school through honest and transparent communication.
  • Appreciate, support and collaborate with each other and with the school.

Our Community

  • Attracts and retains families who are welcoming, inclusive and diverse.
  • Contributes to the life of the school and supports the school’s mission and long-term sustainability.

Our Student Profile (PK- 8th grade graduation)


  • Embody the school’s core value of intellectual curiosity.
  • Think critically in French and English and support arguments with evidence and examples.
  • Analyze complex problems and propose solutions through the use of logic and creativity.
  • Communicate ideas and opinions clearly in both speaking and writing and in multiple languages.
  • Work autonomously and also skillfully and effectively collaborate in groups.
  • Apply already-acquired knowledge and skills in developing an understanding of novel concepts and contexts.
  • Seek and consider multiple perspectives.
  • Demonstrate technological competence, media literacy and digital citizenship skills.
  • Cultivate media literacy (seeking out multiple perspectives and evaluating author intention and source credibility).
  • Show passion and a genuine commitment to life-long learning.


  • Embody the school’s core values of integrity, empathy and resilience.
  • Lead by example, speaking and acting with kindness and respect.
  • Cultivate the inner strength to stand up for beliefs and values.
  • Behave selflessly for the good of the others.
  • Become self-aware, self-reflective, and an active listener.
  • Recognize and regulate emotions and react to them in measured fashion.
  • Show a genuine interest in others, in their wellbeing and in their lived experience.
  • Embrace change, cope and adapt to new or rapidly shifting circumstances.
  • Cultivate leadership potential by seeking out opportunities to make positive impact.
  • Uphold high standards of academic honesty and integrity.


  • Live by the school’s core value of open-mindedness.
  • Adopt a growth mindset.
  • Respond positively to constructive criticism and feedback.
  • Seek to further develop social competencies.
  • Cultivate physical health, wellness and life balance.
  • Exercise self-care and seek help when needed.
  • Advocate for diversity, inclusivity, and social justice.
  • Value multiculturalism, cross-cultural competence and global citizenship.
  • Strive to think globally and act locally.
  • Recognize the importance of teamsmenship and fair play.

Standout Traits of SDFAS Applicants to High School

  • Multilingual: speak and write at minimum in English-French with third language proficiency in Spanish.
  • Leaders who possess a unique global perspective: advocate for social justice, cultural understanding and environmental stewardship.
  • Likely placement into advanced high school classes: English Language and Literature (including Honors), French Language and Literature (including Honors) as well as in other subject areas depending on interest and level of achievement at SDFAS.
  • Strong preparation in Math and Science for public or private school programs: benefitting from both the French and American pedagogical approaches.
  • Likely candidates for success in advanced programs that are (i) recognized around the world and (ii) can lead to earning course credits upon arrival to college or university, for example:
    • The IBO’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
    • The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program.

Our “Next Level” Strategic Plan (2019-2024)

Our “Next Level” Brochure