Physical Education

Middle school students participate in a curriculum that includes activities based on the state and national physical education standards as well as the French sports curriculum standards. Students at the secondary level will be taught a variety of units ranging from team sports to dance and orienteering. These units include skill development, group work, competitive games, and teacher and student assessment. Classes are taught in English.


Middle school students learn about the arts through Scholastic Art’s program, which provides high-interest themes related to an important artist or movement, classic and contemporary. Each topic studied is supported by an art activity that creates an artwork connected to the style of the featured artist or movement.

Field Trips

During the year, all middle school classes take part in both local day field trips and week-long field trips away from home and school. Local field trips in San Diego County are generally connected to some aspect of the curriculum, such as a 6th Grade science trip to an organic farm or a visit to an adaptation of a Shakespeare play. Some local field trips may take place when there is a special event or performance that is considered to be an enriching experience for students.

The week-long field trips are programmed annually for each middle school grade. 6th Grade visits Catalina Island for a week, studying marine biology, oceanography, and engaging in kayaking, snorkeling, and other ocean or island related activities. 7th Grade spends the week at Pali Institute, studying nature related topics, and learning how to be more self-sufficient, both by working on outdoor survival skills and interacting in situations that build character through leadership and teamwork. 8th Grade travels to Montreal, Canada, to experience the culture and history of a francophone country.

Electives and other Opportunities

  • Guided Studies 2 periods per week, all grades
  • Extended Studies Option French or English – 2 periods per week, all grades
  • Book Club all grades
  • Math Club and math study hall all grades, once a week
  • Science Club 7th and 8th grades
  • Sports League all grades, twice a week – students participate in various team sport competitions in a local sports league (soccer, volley ball, basket ball).
  • Study Hall all grades, twice a week