Resources on Bilingualism

Cognitive Development in Bilingual Children (A webinar by Ellen Bialystok)

To Master a Language, Start Learning It Early (The Economist, Johnson, May 2018)

6 Potential Brain Benefits of Bilingual Education (NPR Ed, November 2016)

The Superior Social Skills of Bilinguals (New York Times, March 2016)

The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain
How knowing more than one language can actually change the way your brain looks and works (Ted-Education 2015)

Learning languages ‘boosts brain’
BBC news (October 2014)

Preschool is the best time to learn languages!
Toddler brain scan gives language insight (October 2013)

Citizens of the World: The Multilingual Child and Adult:
Dr. Edwin Gerard at TEDxCulverCity (Published July 2013)

Why Bilinguals Are Smarter (New York Times, March 2012)

The Bilingual Advantage (New York Times, May 2011)

Bilingualism good for the brain, researchers say
By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times (February 2011)

Surprising Advantages of Bilingual Education


The Bilingual Edge: The Ultimate Guide to Why, When and How
By Kendall King PhD, Alison Mackey, PhD