Tours and Open House

Choosing a school is an important decision. The best way to learn about our school is to come and observe our classes in action. We invite interested families to make an appointment with the Director of Enrollment Management to tour our campus. We are attached to the well-being of our students and we have develop a rigourous challenging bilingual curriculum tailored to the need of each child. During your visit, you will not only feel the happiness and love, but also witness the students’ curiosity and engagement.

To schedule a tour, please fill out an inquiry form.

Due to the school current No Visitor on campus COVID-19 protocol, we are not allowing tours during school hours. Tours are scheduled after 5 pm (with mask and physical distancing). As we do not have corridors, you will be able to see all classrooms from outside.

SDFAS is still accepting applications for 2020-2021 in a few grades.

Our next annual Open House for the 2021-22 admission season will take place on Monday, January 11th, 2020. We will decide of the format, virtual or in-person on campus as we get closer to the event. Register here.