In-person and virtual tours

Choosing a school is an important decision. At SDFAS, we have developed a compelling bilingual curriculum tailored to the needs of each child and we are committed to the well-being and growth of every one of our students. The best way to learn about SDFAS is to come and visit our beautiful campus in La Jolla.


In-person tours are scheduled most days after 4 pm (with masks and physical distancing). Due to the School’s current Covid policy of “No Outside Visitors On Campus” policy, an important part of the school’s Covid-19 Prevention and Reopening Plan, we are not able to offer tours during school hours. As we do not have corridors, you will be able to view extremely well all of the school’s classrooms from the outside looking in through open doors and windows.

We invite interested families to make an appointment with the Director of Enrollment Management to tour the campus.

Schedule an in-person tour of campus. 

To make sure we tailor the tour to your needs, please submit an inquiry form (if not already done).


We also offer virtual meetings if you are not comfortable coming on campus or if you live outside of San Diego. You will still be able to feel the happiness and warmth, but also witness firsthand the cultural code-switching, kindness, creativity, critical thinking, and joyful engagement of our students.

Schedule a 15-min chat by phone with the director of enrollment management 

Schedule a 60-min Zoom meeting with the director of enrollment management

Schedule a virtual tour during school hours

To make sure we tailor the meeting to your needs, please submit an inquiry form (if not already done).