Mission and Core Values

Families are drawn to SDFAS because of its compelling mission and strong core values. An exceptional bilingual, multicultural education. Developing global citizens who will lead meaningful lives and make positive contributions to their communities at home and abroad. A focus on high achievement through a blended curriculum in which students study all subject areas in both French and English. A pedagogical philosophy that focuses on social and emotional learning is just as important as standout academic achievement (and an essential part of educating successful people who embrace their own identities and are confident connecting with other people).

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SDFAS is San Diego’s only dual-immersion independent school accredited by two highly-reputed educational oversight bodies: WASC CAIS and the French Ministry of National Education. SDFAS is also a member of AEFE, MLF, AFSAand NAIS.

Pre-Elementary – “La Maternelle”

  • The maternelle follows a structured academic program recognized around the world and provides a strong foundation for young children to become high achievers and independent learners. 
  • French-teaching faculty members at SDFAS hold the equivalent of a master’s degree and hold the same national qualifying diploma as French elementary school teachers.
  • Small class size allows for a high degree of personalized attention and an environment in which children can progress at their own pace.
  • A full immersion setting with 90% of classroom time in French.
  • No prior exposure to French or English needed to attend.

Elementary – “L’École Primaire”

  • SDFAS offers a blended French-American curriculum that provides students with a strong academic foundation in math and science, languages, and the humanities.
  • SDFAS offers a dual language immersion program in French and English, and for students with little or no prior French or English exposure a Fluency Transition Program (intensive language acquisition curriculum in small group settings).
  • A Learning Center approach that affords faculty the possibility to provide added program elements (when appropriate) that are tailored to a student’s particular academic challenges or needs.
  • Small class sizes that allows= teachers to differentiate teaching and learning approaches and activities and offer a high degree of personalized attention to students.

Middle School – “Le Collège”

  • Our Middle School prepares students for success in American high schools (public or private, with or without International Baccalaureate or Advanced Placement programs), a French lycée, or an international high school in ongoing dual language immersion.
  • The SDFAS program allows the students to take advanced high school courses in English language arts and literature, math, history, and world language.
  • SDFAS students will have already upon entrance into high school partially or fully satisfied their foreign language requirement.

An International Community

SDFAS is not just a school. It is an international welcoming community that brings together students and their families, faculty, staff, friends of SDFAS and alumni in a spirit of sharing, understanding and cross-cultural exchanges.

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