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  Friday, October 11, 2019

ASA Dance Explorer

By Valérie Asensio

Thursday children learned about Louis Armstrong, danced on Jazz music and colored while listening to “what a wonderful world”.

dance explorer

  Wednesday, February 6, 2019

ASA Minecraft Wednesday

By Valérie Asensio

This week on Minecraft ASA, we worked on two monuments: the Parthenon in Greece and the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.

  Tuesday, February 5, 2019

ASA Judo

By Valérie Asensio

The new activity Judo is off to a good start with 14 participants from K to 5th grade. Everyone can find a partner. Children have been working on different techniques. Yesterday they practice O Goshi.

Technique de Judo en projetant  son partenaire vers l’avant au dessus de sa hanche.

Lors de la projection, on protège le partenaire en lui tenant la manche.

«  O « signifie Grand en Japonais

« Goshi » signifie Bascule de la Hanche

  Tuesday, January 22, 2019

ASA Gardening

By Valérie Asensio

After all the rain from last week, last Friday, during our first gardening class, it was the perfect day to go and catch some escargots!!

We all had fun catching them, feeding them, observing this very special gastropod mollusk! we learned a lot.

We were all so brave and proud to hold the snails…


ASA Fencing

By Valérie Asensio

Last Tuesday in December was the last Fencing ASA class. Class went very well and we are hoping that you register again for the Winter session.

  Friday, December 14, 2018

ASA Skateboard Thursday class

By Valérie Asensio

Children are progressing so quickly, Pablo is very inventive of finding new ideas and challenges, he moved some of the ramps down to the end of the field and pushed the children’s limits and imagination about skateboarding anywhere.


  Tuesday, November 6, 2018

ASA Art Alive!

By Valérie Asensio

Children are continuing learning techniques, media and support for art.

Few exemples below of children Silk painting

Iris finishing her silk project                                                                          Silk project finished!

  Thursday, November 1, 2018

ASA Art Alive!

By Valérie Asensio

Our first Art Alive! ASA class started on Tuesday September 25, children were so excited to meet and greet the teacher Avril Butbul. Children were ready to learn and also to share everything they knew about art and artists with Avril. She brought in a vase of fresh flowers and posters and books of artistry ranging from Renoir and Matisse to Van Gogh Chagall and O’Keef.  We discussed composition, brush-mark, color style and artists free choice. Each student sketched their composition with pastel on their canvas. We then learned about color blending, brushes and keeping colors clean and my students were very eager to get started with the acrylic paints. The finished pieces are all unique and creative and reflective of individual styles.


  Friday, October 26, 2018


By Valérie Asensio

Children have been following this Training Session Plan:

  • Ball Mastery warm up with each player on a ball with a focus on Dribbling in tight areas, Toe Taps, Inside Foot Foundations. Introduction to ‘Step Over’ and ‘Twist’ Albion Skill Moves over a stationary ball to work on coordination.
  • Juggling with Feet and Thighs.
  • Soccer Dodgeball game where players must maintain close control of the ball by dribbling inside an area and look to pass the ball off Coach’s legs as Coach moves around in the area. We progressed to players each taking turns to be the moving targets which also focused on changes of direction and awareness in tight areas.
  • Albion Skill Moves – We worked on the ‘V’ and ‘In Out’ with both feet.
  • Numbers Game 1v1 to goal with encouragement to use their Albion Skill Moves to beat opponent and use changes of direction of play towards either of 2 goals. Players each have a number and wait for their number to be called out by coach before playing 1v1 into either of 2 goals on small field.

ASA Wednesday Weavers!

By Valérie Asensio

Wednesday Weavers created festive “rag” weaving samples, using bright nylon cording as “warp”, scrap lengths of colorful cloth as “weft” body and yarn as top and bottom “weft” (for finished edges).  They practiced a “plain weave” pattern and learned several weaving terms and techniques they will incorporate in many of the upcoming projects, including “shedding” in which they lifted several strands of warp simultaneously.  What project is next?  Spider web dream catchers!  Spooky!