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  Friday, October 26, 2018


By Ariel Arsac-Ellison

Children have been following this Training Session Plan:

  • Ball Mastery warm up with each player on a ball with a focus on Dribbling in tight areas, Toe Taps, Inside Foot Foundations. Introduction to ‘Step Over’ and ‘Twist’ Albion Skill Moves over a stationary ball to work on coordination.
  • Juggling with Feet and Thighs.
  • Soccer Dodgeball game where players must maintain close control of the ball by dribbling inside an area and look to pass the ball off Coach’s legs as Coach moves around in the area. We progressed to players each taking turns to be the moving targets which also focused on changes of direction and awareness in tight areas.
  • Albion Skill Moves – We worked on the ‘V’ and ‘In Out’ with both feet.
  • Numbers Game 1v1 to goal with encouragement to use their Albion Skill Moves to beat opponent and use changes of direction of play towards either of 2 goals. Players each have a number and wait for their number to be called out by coach before playing 1v1 into either of 2 goals on small field.