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  Tuesday, October 16, 2018

ASA Skateboard Advanced class

By Valérie Asensio

Our advanced skateboard class is happy to welcome Jack!

In this photo sequence you can see him doing a “Frontside 180” off of the black box.

Jack is a great kid and a good team mate, always willing to help setting up the ramps, cones and helping his fellow skaters do better.  He is a great inspiration for all the other kids and we are happy to have in our class.

  Saturday, October 13, 2018


By Valérie Asensio

Children have been enjoying the soccer session with these different training drills:

  • Ball Mastery warm up with each player on a ball focusing on Dribbling in tight areas, Toe Taps and Inside Foot Foundations.
  • Juggling with Thigh and Foot.
  • ‘Ouch’ game where players must maintain close control of the ball by dribbling inside an area and look to pass the ball off Coach’s legs as Coach moves around in the area. Coach says “Ouch” when players connect the ball off his legs.
  • Dribbling through cones keeping close control of the ball with a Shot on Pug Goal to finish.
  Wednesday, September 19, 2018

ASA Digital Detox (new activity)

By Valérie Asensio

Children are enjoying some time with no screen, and play games, some good old traditional board games. UNO, playing cards and monopoly to name a few… there are still space for your child to join, on Monday from 3-4 pm for 2nd-8th grade


  Thursday, September 13, 2018

ASA On s’amuse au théâtre

By Valérie Asensio

ASA: On s’amuse au théâtre

Today was first day of Theatre class! Woo Hoo!  The students enjoyed learning about the different directions on the stage and how to exaggerate movement so it’s bigger than life by blowing imaginary gigantic bubbles in different directions and “watching” them float to the sky!

If you are interested in having your child join the class, we can get more children to learn the basics of theater, activity open to PK1-K on Monday from 3:15-4:15 pm with Susan Hall




  Monday, April 23, 2018

Spring vacation preschool

By Valérie Asensio

We are having fun during Spring camp with Rachel & Martha from blowing feathers…

plume 1 plume 2 plume 3


And making giant bubbles, painting, reading stories, gardening…

  Thursday, February 8, 2018

ASA Fencing

By Valérie Asensio

Last two weeks children learn basic fencing rules and how to referee a fencing match using hand signals and voice commands!



ASA Woodworking

By Valérie Asensio

In this activity children chose what they want to build. After putting on safety glasses they learn:
1) How to hold and turn wood in a vise to sand the sharp corners and edges down

2) How to use the hand drill to makes holes for screws and dowel pieces
3) How to saw the parts to their project by clamping the wood into a miter box
4) How to make something spin or turn using a screw, and
4) How to safely assemble the project using hammer and nails.
Children applying good effort and focus are able to complete a level one project each lesson. There
is constant supervision.  Safe and effective techniques are given throughout the class.
There is another session to register we encourage new students first to register, 6 classes from 3-
3:55 pm, 3/6/18 to 4/10/18 $145 for k-1 st (6 kids max). From 4-5 pm, 3/6/18 to 4/10/18 $145 for 2-5 th
grade (8 kids max). Priority will be given to new students first.

  Thursday, January 25, 2018

ASA Fencing

By Valérie Asensio

After the first two classes with La Jolla Fencing Academy children learned history of sword fighting and how it progressed into Olympic sport of fencing through the time. Also we learned basic footwork and some fencing rules! We have left and right handed children, very interesting for the instructor as well!


  Thursday, December 21, 2017

French Adult class

By Valérie Asensio

Last class was a real test, with written test and oral testing as well, they are all so concentrated…


ASA Jazz Funk Dance

By Valérie Asensio

We are hoping that we can continue this new activity, children are so flexible