Coast to Coast – FASRI to SDFAS

Contact Andrew Ericson,, with questions about the Coast to Coast Global Issues Leadership Initiative.

The San Diego French American School and The French American School of Rhode Island are launching a Middle School student exchange program. We are excited to announce this new partnership. Through specialized class studies, fieldwork, independent research, and a cross country exchange trip, participating students from both schools will work collaboratively while learning about and proposing solutions to global issues relating to ocean uses.

Coast to Coast February 1st – 4th at SDFAS

  • Rhode Island participants will be on campus. Participants will not be attending regular classes. They will be on field trips or working on Coast to Coast activities on campus.

Coast to Coast February 9th-12th at FASRI

  • SDFAS participants will travel to Rhode Island.

FASRI to SDFAS Coast to Coast Brochure