Comment devenir acteur

Comment devenir acteur

La Troupe theater club provides Middle School students with the opportunity to prepare, year round, a play which they will perform at the Dallas festival in May 2017!

Every Wednesday, students warm up their body, mind and voice! Body Percussions enable each student to tune up to the others, using their body as a tool instrument: creativity, listening to others and flexibility are required to set oneself in resonance with the group.

Last Wednesday, students practiced a “ZipBamPang” routine. In this fun exercise, a ball of energy is passed around the group circle: you can accept it, refuse it or direct it to another person using specific coded gestures. It is all about intense focus and listening to others.

Now, body, mind, voice, we are ready to move on to learn acting techniques. It is time to learn how to walk and use the space around us!

We also practice collective improvisation, or we work on our voice.

See you next week!

Marion Addo, La Troupe Leader
French and Literature teacher