Effective Friday March 22nd, 2020

We recognize that this unusual period will create financial challenges for some families, so we’ve implemented
multiple measures:

▪ For Families under Plan C (10 installments)
If you opted for a 10-installment payment plan at the beginning of the school year, your last payment
is scheduled for April 10th 2020. Due to the current circumstances, we are offering, upon request, the
possibility to extend the last payment over April and May (e.g. If your last payment is $2,500, we’ll
process $1,250 on April 10 or 27, and $1,250 on May 12 or 27).
Please contact Emmanuel Poulain at before March 31, 2020 if you want to
opt for this particular payment schedule.

Special Financial Aid for Hardship
We understand that some of you might be experiencing financial hardship, specifically loss of income
and/or significantly increased child or elderly care expenses. If your financial situation has recently
been impacted and you would like to request accommodation to help during this crisis period, please
contact the administration (Emmanuel Poulain at to discuss available
options and the process.

Enrichment Programs & Other Services Fees
All services not provided as of the exceptional closure of the school (Friday March 13, 2020) will be
credited (prorata) then refunded upon request at the end of the school year if activities have not been
resumed. Any session done via distance learning is considered as provided. The list of services
concerned by this measure includes After-School-Activities, Middle School Clubs, Extended Care
(annual package only), Transportation (annual package only), Language School and Exams fees (e.g.
Our partner, Girard Gourmet will issue credit to all families who were registered for the winter plan
(ending March 21st) or subscribed to the annual plan. The credit will be applied to next school year.
Please contact Valerie Asensio ( or Emmanuel Poulain
( if you have any questions.