COVID-19 Update #13

Dear SDFAS Community,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones locally and around the globe in good spirits and good health.

As the children settle into Spring Break, I am writing about greater La Jolla and San Diego community support initiatives organized by SDFAS. There is a certain feeling of helplessness that many of us feel during confinement and these initiatives are a small way to do something concrete to help. At the same time, these actions can involve our children and model for them our values related to community service and support, and in particular in times of great need.

1. The first action is a multi-lingual digital poster photo project to say thank you from SDFAS students to front-line workers throughout La Jolla and greater San Diego:  Healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, ambulance drivers, EMTs, pharmacists, store clerks, delivery men and women, garbage collectors, mail and express delivery carriers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, transportation and utilities professionals, and maintenance and facilities workers (including our own). Consider that in La Jolla alone we have four major hospitals (USCD Thornton, Scripps Green, the VA, and Scripps Memorial La Jolla). It goes without saying that a special thank you goes out to all front-line workers who are also parents within our own SDFAS community. This is a fun and simple do-it-yourself do-it-at-home project.

Please click here for Thanking Front-Line Workers instructions. And, please click here for a sample digital photo thank you card showing just how easy this is to do!

2. The second action is an SDFAS “Food Drive” beginning now and ongoing throughout the month of May in partnership with Feeding San Diego.

Please click here for Food Drive instructions.

3. The third action requires just a bit of creativity, patience and skill (easily learned):  sewing masks for workers in need within area hospitals and clinics. Any donated home-sewn masks need to be dropped off in sealed ziplock bags and placed in the same large cardboard box for the food drive placed outside of the school’s front office door.

Please click here for Mask Sewing instructions.

Finally, as for as our own community is concerned, please know that our community care team has been in touch so far with over 80% of SDFAS families. Simply to check in on folks, see how our community members are doing, listen, and offer support when we are able. This work is ongoing.

I am honored to lead this community. Please join me in participating in any or all of the above SDFAS-organized Covid-19 response actions.

With gratitude and appreciation,