COVID-19 – Update #19

Dear SDFAS Community,

Hoping that you and your families are doing well.

I want to share my sadness with respect to the violence that has occurred over past days causing turmoil and outrage for people in cities across the country. It is indeed a time for us to revisit and reaffirm our school values. We are once again called upon to consider how to speak with our children about such matters, the role we each play in society as responsible and engaged global citizens, and actions we can take to promote peace, social justice and respect for all persons.

With that stated, I would like to share with you the following updates.

Preschool Campus Reopening

As previously announced, the Preschool campus reopens tomorrow June 1 with special protocols for hygiene and sanitation. We are excited to welcome back twenty children of SDFAS essential workers and anticipate keeping the Preschool open for the children of essential workers through the end of July.  If no-gathering orders for schools are eased by authorities to permit on-campus school attendance for all interested families, we will immediately be in touch. The ongoing distance learning program will continue in parallel through the last day of the school on June 12.

On-Campus Instruction and Distance Learning in 2020-2021

As previously announced, we anticipate a full reopening of the SDFAS campus in August in line with CDC, state and county guidelines. Our planning is ongoing and will continue into the summer. In addition to focusing on areas related to health and safety outlined in our May 10th Covid-19 Update #16 (click here), we are focusing intensively on academic, SEL and co-curricular programming scenarios that take into account the need for:

   •On-campus teaching and learning in tandem with distance learning;

   •Space usage and scheduling within the context of our anticipated take-over of the La Jolla Preschool Academy site.

Classroom Capacity

New guidelines for classrooms will limit our enrollment capacity. Our planning for each grade’s designated classrooms will take into account enrollment lists on June 1. After this date, qualified new or returning students will be offered enrollment agreements if space and staffing permit.

Virtual Summer Camp

Click here to view information about virtual summer camps. Beginning the week of June 22 we are offering various virtual camp sessions per day for which you may register “à la carte” (cooking, sports/exercise, robotics, and a choice of various languages). Each daily session lasts for 75 minutes and it is possible to select from one to five of them per day, for one week at a time. State and county authorities permitting, we will revert to on-campus camps if there is sufficient community interest. As stated above, the Preschool campus will remain open for the children of essential workers through the end of July.

Have a smooth week #11. We still very much miss you all,