Covid 19 – Update #24

July 19, 2020

Dear SDFAS Community,

I am writing with an update regarding our reopening plan at SDFAS for 2020-2021.

Governor Newsom’s July 17 executive order

As you may well be aware, the governor of our state issued a new executive order this past Friday about Covid-19 and K-8 / K-12 schools in California. The order states that on-campus, in-person learning is not authorized for K-8 / K-12 schools in any counties within California that have been placed on the Covid-19 monitoring list maintained by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

No on-campus learning for K-8 and K-12 schools on the CDPH monitoring list

For any county within our state placed on the CDPH’s “monitoring list” (currently affecting 80% of the state’s population), it would seem that no K-8 / K-12 school may elect to reopen until the county in which the school is located has been removed from the CDPH monitoring list for 14 consecutive days. The county Covid-19 criteria for being on the CDPH monitoring  list includes positive case rate per 100,000, deaths per 100,000, and % ICU capacity within county hospitals (and certain other measures).

Private K-8 and K-12 schools must also adhere to the new reopening criteria set forth in the California state-level order

Here comes the part which is disappointing. The expectation of the Governor of California is that the July 17 executive order be strictly adhered to by all public, private and parochial (religious) K-8 / K-12 schools in the State of California. I am also told that very soon a local San Diego health order will be issued reinforcing the new state-level decree. Given the indoor and outdoor spaces that we are fortunate to possess here at SDFAS, taken together with  well thought through adaptations, measures and protocols being designed in efforts to mitigate Covid-19 risk on campus here at SDFAS, it is a shame that we may well not able to open to our students on August 28 our newly renovated K-8 campus. With that said, we will be ready to open. 100% ready. As soon as the time comes that opening the SDFAS campus to our K-8 students becomes possible, we will at such time reopen the campus immediately, Again, I am hopeful that this will be sooner rather than later.

On-campus learning continues for Preschool at SDFAS

As concerns our Preschool, it is my understanding that our PK program is authorized to remain open for in-person learning on campus for children of both essential and non-essential workers. Summer camp for PK students on campus will last for another month until August 14, 2020. The first day of school on campus for all enrolled PK students for the 2020-2021 school year will occur two weeks later on August, 28, 2020.

Next steps

I will keep you updated as this situation evolves further and more information becomes available. I truly hope that between now and the end of August, Covid-19 case rates in San Diego and/or policy change might occur in La Jolla such that the SDFAS campus for grades K-8 be authorized to welcome on campus K-8 students in our newly-renovated spaces at the Mountain View and Ocean View campus zones. I know in my heart how very much our children need and crave the social, emotional, psychological and academic benefits and wellbeing afforded them through an on-campus school experience (for families wishing to elect for this option). 

I wish everyone well and we will be in touch again soon with updates. Have a good week,