COVID-19 – Update #5

March 12, 2020

Dear SDFAS community,

Late this afternoon, after our message went out, we learned that there are two distinct cases in which an SDFAS family member reports having recently been in proximity with a person (different in each case) from outside of our school community who later tested positive for Covid19.

As a result of the above occurrence, the school campus will be closed as of tomorrow, Friday March 13, until further notice.

In addition, as most of you are probably aware, about an hour after our message went out earlier today, a press conference was held by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and other San Diego County officials announcing a number of newly reported test-positive Covid19 cases in San Diego County, including possible cases of community transmission.

We will continue to assess the rapidly evolving situation in San Diego County and in our community.

Please know that given current information, for the health and safety of SDFAS families and in order to do our community’s part to help “flatten the curve” of viral spreading, it is unlikely that the SDFAS campus will be open next week.

We will give an update on the Covid19 situation and SDFAS campus closure on Sunday at 4 pm.

There will be no distance-learning tomorrow, Friday March 13. And, if the school campus remains closed next week, distance learning would most likely begin on Tuesday, March 17. Friday and Monday, at minimum, will be needed for teachers to complete their education continuance plans. More information on this topic will be given in Sunday’s update and from there forward will come from your child(ren)’s Division Director and Classroom Teacher(s).

Thank you for your understanding and support of each other and of the school at this time. We continue to believe in the integrity, kindness and goodness of each member of the SDFAS family.

Mark Rosenblum, Head of School and the SDFAS Covid19 Emergency Response Team

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