COVID-19 – Update #7

March 13, 2020

Good morning from the SDFAS Campus,

This morning teachers and administration will be preparing for distance learning activities next week. We will also begin working to create a Covid19 update page for the SDFAS website. This page will consolidate SDFAS information on distance learning, Covid19 information resources and archive of Covid19 e-mail updates. We will continue to communicate the most urgent information directly.

As we said in Coronavirus update #5, on late Thursday afternoon we were notified of two distinct cases in which an SDFAS family member reports having recently been in proximity with a person (different in each case) from outside of our school community who later tested positive for Covid19.

We will not be identifying the two family members nor the grades or classes of their children. If at any time we receive new information that we believe should be shared, then we will immediately update the community. We will continue to take actions we believe will help protect the health of the SDFAS community and help prevent the spread of Covid19.

Thank you for your continued trust in these difficult circumstances.

Mark Rosenblum, Head of School and the SDFAS Covid19 Emergency Response Team

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