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February 1, 2021

Mark’s Re-enrollment Message

A year ago, our lives were turned upside down. Up against seemingly insurmountable challenges, you placed your trust and confidence in us. Undaunted, the school responded with a bold vision. With the choice to learn either on campus or at home, our students are back in school. Whatever lies ahead, SDFAS remains unwavering in its commitment to deliver an exceptional bilingual education.

Spanish Program Expansion in 2021-22 !

We are thrilled to announce the launch in 2021-22 of our Covid-delayed vision to offer Spanish as a third language to all students in PK0 – 4th grade. This new curriculum sequence will feed into the school’s existing Spanish program in grades 5-8.

Return-to-Learn Plan for February Break

  1. PCR testing at SDFAS: During the week of February Break .
  2. On-site test day: Thursday 2/25  in PK Parking Lot from 8 pm – 2 pm.
  3. Testing schedule: Nurse (Marilyn Rakow) will share prior to day’s end on Fri 2/19.
  4. Date of return to campus: Monday 3/1 with negative PCR test.
  5. Unable to test on Thu 2/25?  Return on Monday 3/1 only if PCR negative is first shared with the school (from a swab done on/after Thu 2/25 at a lab within San Diego County).
  6. Traveling non-locally? Refer to the updated travel policy below.

SDFAS Covid-19 Travel Policy

Effective February 1, 2021, and aligned with the CDPH travel advisory of January update released by the California Department of Public Health (here)

SDFAS Travel Policy Objectives 

  1. Minimize spread of Covid-19 within our community.
  2. Minimize risk of cohort or all-school closures due to high incidences of Covid+ cases.

Definition of Non-Local Travel 

  1. Beyond 120 miles from a person’s home (“as the crow flies”).
  2. Involving travel crossing over California state lines.
  3. Involving any means of travel other than personal means of transportation.

SDFAS Reporting Requirement for Non-Local Travel

  1. Non-local travel must be reported to SDFAS if involving students or siblings who reside in the home.
  2. Non-local travel is reported to SDFAS by sending an email to school nurse Marilyn Rakow, RN, BNS Included in CC is child’s division director: Tom (Middle School); Francis (Elementary); Sophie (Maternelle & K).

Requirements for Quarantine and PCR Testing after Non-Local Travel

  1. Quarantine 10 days beginning the day after the day of return from travel (14 days for PK).
  2. PCR negative test result from a swab done on or after Day 5 of quarantine (Day 7 preferred).
  3. Return to campus on the 11th day following the day of return from travel (14th day for PK).

SDFAS – La Jolla Light Press Coverage

November 14, 2020  “Who’s learning on campus and who isn’t? Data show private-public school divide in San Diego County” 

November 11, 2020  ” ‘We can make it work’: UC San Diego lab bringing low-cost testing to local schools” 

August 31, 2020  “Back to school, online and on campus: Local public and private schools welcome students in different ways”

August 28, 2020  “Back to school in baby steps: La Jolla private schools prepare for return to campus”

August 20, 2020  “5 La Jolla private schools get county waiver approval to reopen”

June 19, 2020      “Back to school: La Jolla campuses prepare to welcome students back in August”

Return to Campus – Document Review & Required Acknowledgement Form

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM (Parents must print, sign and return by PDF or hard copy to SDFAS prior to your student’s return to campus.)

The acknowledgement form certifies that you have reviewed and agree to abide by all that is set forth in the following documents:

  • Covid-19 Prevention & Reopening Plan: click here
  • Parent-Student Handbook 2020-2021 (Revised and Updated): click here
  • Covid-19 Addendum to Parent-Student Handbook: click here
  • Acceptable Use Policy (Technology) – Grades 3-8 only: click here
  • Overview of the 1-1 Chromebook Program – Grades 3-8 only: click here

Return to Campus – Videos

  • Video of Drop Off – Preschool (click here)
  • Video of Drop Off – Kindergarten (click here)    
  • Video of Drop Off – 1st & 2nd Grade (click here)
  • Video of Drop Off – 3rd – 8th Grade (click here)
  • Video of the Campus – “Socially Distanced Spaces” (click here)

Return to Campus – Logistics

  • Staggered Arrival/Dismissal – Preschool (click here)
  • Sign-In Procedure using Procare – Preschool (click here)
  • Staggered Arrival/Dismissal – Elementary & Middle School (click here)
  • Daily Schedule – Preschool, Kindergarten & Elementary (click here)
  • Daily Schedule – Middle School

First Days Back on Campus – How Did It Go?

During our first week back on campus we experienced better-than-anticipated success with:

  • Staggered arrival and dismissal at multiple campus entry points
  • Passive and active screening procedures (Magnus Health app)
  • Staggered recess and lunch periods
  • Lunch outside: use of “surf desks” (click here) (one for every single K-6 student)
  • Required mask-wearing for students in K-8 with designated outdoor “mask free” zones for temporary breaks from them
  • Hand washing / hand sanitizing habits & routines                     
  • Physical distancing practices, campus circulation plan, & campus signage
  • Disinfection campus-wide of high-touch surfaces
  • Enhanced sanitation (increase from one custodial worker to three…)
  • Fresh air circulation & other HVAC/air quality enhancement

SDFAS Parent Connect forum

As parents, we may well feel the need to connect with each other during this prolonged period of uncertainty. Let’s share what is working for us and our families and how we’ve overcome challenges as we adapt to the current situation. Others among us might then benefit from any tips or advice. Happy posting! Click here to enter the SDFAS Parent Connect Forum.

Financial Challenges During COVID-19 Crisis

We recognize that this unusual period will create financial challenges for multiple businesses and for some families.  The school is therefore making available special financial aid for families experiencing hardship due to loss of income as a result of the Covid-19 crisis (application available here). The school will also give pro-rata credit for unused after-school activities, extended care packages, clubs, trips, transport and Girard Gourmet meals at the end of the calendar year. However, because the school continues to operate virtually and to incur all the costs of teacher salaries and the campus, we are not in a position to offer tuition refunds.


Enrollment contract withdrawal without a full 2020-2021 tuition obligation needed to occur by June 1, 2020 (less $1,000 per child deposit retained by the school).

Communication Archive

Head of School’s Written Updates 2020 – 2021

Head of School’s Video Messages 2019-2020

Head of School’s Written Updates 2019-2020

Covid-19 Resources

Please find below the resources and updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic that we have shared with our community since January 2020 as well as news and information about the spread of Covid-19 in our city, state, nationwide and worldwide.

Mindset During Coronavirus Social Distancing

General Resources

Ressources en Français

Pedagogical Resources for Parents

Covid-19 Prevention, Response & Reopening –  Planning Teams


  • Meet regularly in-person or by Zoom
  • Conduct research, plan, prepare and respond as needed
  • Designate responsibilities and establish timelines and priorities
  • Ensure information sharing between Board and Administration
  • Make decisions collaboratively and/or with consultation
  • Provide regular updates to the community

Guiding Principles

  • Reopen in the safest way feasible while at the same time maintaining a steadfast commitment to our school’s mission and core values
  • The health, safety and wellbeing of students, employees and families come first and take priority over everything else
  • Prefer in-person on-campus learning when permitted by local authorities and at the same time offer a high quality distance learning program
  • Act, educate, and communicate with clarity, respect and transparency
  • Be flexible, creative and adaptable.

Board Level Covid-19 Emergency Response Team

  • Mark Rosenblum, Head of School
  • Emmanuel Poulain, Director of Finance & Operations
  • Kyndra Leach, Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Fernanda Coelho, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Peter Westlake, Treasurer of the Board of Trustees
  • Etienne Chaponnière, Secretary of the Board of Trustees
  • Janice Murabayashi, Trustee

Administrative Level Covid-19 Prevention & Reopening Task Force

  • Mark Rosenblum, Head of School
  • Emmanuel Poulain, Director of Finance & Operations
  • Isabelle Gilet, Director of Enrollment Management, Marketing & Communications
  • Francis Carlier, Director of Elementary
  • Marion Addo, Middle School Coordinator
  • Sophie Ricouard, Academic Director of Pre-Elementary
  • Babeth Esterly, Administrative Director of Pre-Elementary
  • Anna Forester, RN, School Nurse PK-8

Covid-19 Risk Mitigation Consultation Team  (Public Health, Medical, Legal, Technology)

  • Francesca Torriani MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases at UCSD (Former SDFAS Trustee & Parent)
  • Hala Madanat, Vice President for Research and former Director of the School of Public Health at SDSU (SDFAS Parent)
  • Lisa Lowe Hiller MD MPH FACEP, Emergency Physician & Clinical Instructor at UCSD Health, VA San Diego & Sharp Memorial (SDFAS Parent)
  • Alexis Nahama DVM, SVP – Corporate Development at Sorrento Therapeutics & President – Art Animal Health (SDFAS Trustee & Parent) 
  • Ellin M. Ruffner, LCSW, Disaster Mental Health Manager, American Red Cross, Retired Clinical Social Worker
  • Kurt Oreshack ESQ, Partner at Breakwater Law Group, LLP with expertise in life sciences, healthcare & biotechnology (SDFAS Trustee & Parent)
  • Artun Kutchuk, Product Management at Alexa Artificial Intelligence developed by Amazon (SDFAS Trustee & Parent)