ECHO 31 – Class activities

— April 29, 2021 —

How to transport water – an experiment!

Preschoolers are curious creatures and science experiments — even very simple ones —  can fuel their curiosity! Learning how to observe, predict what might happen, and discuss what is happening are amazing tools for the future! This month, PK1 students are studying water and boats based on our new book, “Le bateau de Mr. Zouglouglou / Mr. Zouglouglou’s boat” — see below:

In order to understand the physical properties of water, the class was challenged with solving the following problem: How can I fill the aquarium in our class with water?  The students had to find the proper tools to transport water. Upon realizing that they could not transport water in their hands, the children had the idea to use objects from our kitchen! Have a look at their success in the video below:

Global contemporary dance competition

Led by Claire Selva, 1st-grade A-class has been taking part in a virtual project created by the MLF (French educational organization) and Solène Bossu — French dancer and choreographer. Solène has been helping the class for 18 months to discover, learn and express themselves through contemporary dance using trees, nature, and Haïkus.

It is an international project where the class can meet other student groups virtually from all over the world, communicate with them when dancing, and build choreography together. Each class creates either visual arts, choreography, poetry, etc., and shares it with another school from around the world.  Claire’s class received a Haiku from Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and created choreography for the Pine tree of Boston (USA) — see video below:

Heart to Heart!

This week, Mr. Ericson’s 8th Grade US Science class kicked off its unit on systems of the body with a dissection lab featuring a special guest! Students were joined by SDFAS parent Dr. Riaz Ahmed, an award-winning cardiologist with the Scripps Clinic. While following all the necessary COVID-prevention protocols, Dr. Ahmed – who has trained many med students – joined Mr. Ericson in leading our students through a dissection of a pig heart. With the help of a document camera, students on distance learning were also able to follow. 

For more photos please click here to visit our Google album.

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