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— May 14, 2021 —

Elementary School

During the two last weeks of May and the first week of June, students from 3rd to 5th grade will take the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) online in English. This testing represents the formal standardized assessment given to some of our elementary students. These results have proven valuable to help teachers determine a student’s level of achievement within our unique program. Additionally, the results of this testing will provide further information about each child’s specific learning needs, so that we may work with their future teachers to tailor a program specifically designed to meet each child’s requirements — and challenge them to the fullest extent of their abilities as they progress in our school. The subject areas presented include English Language Arts and Mathematics.
Students should not be concerned with studying or feeling any stress before participating in this assessment. The goal for them is to be more familiar with this particular type of kind of testing and see their progress from now until they enter 8th grade.
Results will be sent to families in the weeks after the completion of the test. 
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this assessment.

For all questions regarding this matter or related to the elementary school, please contact Francis Carlier, Director of the elementary school,

Middle School

8th Grade Graduation evite sent All 8th Grade families should have received an evite from Tom Faure to the Class of 2021 Graduation. Please check your spam folder if you have not received it, or contact A follow-up communication with more details and including a registration form is forthcoming. Per the CDPH guidelines, all guests will need to be registered by name in advance through this form. (Friendly reminders will follow!)
REMINDER! Health Education Classes for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

Each year (except last year due to school closure) SDFAS offers Health Education Classes with guest presenters. Similar to previous years’ format, a teacher from Planned Parenthood will be visiting to conduct a workshop with each class (content and language age-appropriate). These visits were very appreciated in the past by students and faculty, who noted the neutrality, objectivity, and skill of their high-quality workshops. By following the necessary COVID-mitigation protocols, we are pleased to welcome Ms. Amanda Chavez on Monday, May 17th (7th grade) and Thursday, May 20th (6th and 8th grade). Nurse Marilyn will also attend the sessions to support the students.

More information about PP’s programs is available in this document. For our purposes, the 6th-grade workshop will focus on puberty, the 7th on STIs, and the 8th on healthy relationships. Ms. Chavez will consult with the school to tailor her sessions to our science curriculum and our students’ needs. We hope this program will contribute to ongoing conversations at home. If you do not wish your student(s) to attend the workshop(s), please email Mme Addo at by May 8th.


MS gala item only available until May 16! 

This year’s online auction is now open through Sunday, May 16 at 8 pm! Middle School parents can now purchase this year’s class project – a personalized calligram apron made in France – for $30 each: Order by May 16 to guarantee shipping of these lovely aprons.


Interview with Marion Addo, MS Coordinator 

Where are you originally from?  
 I was born in Lyon in France. Even if my family has roots in the Barcelonnette Valley, Corsica, and East Africa, I’m very attached to the Capital of the Gauls. Growing up running and hiding among the roman ruins really influenced me to pursue studies in Classics and Archaeology.
Where did you study? 
I’ve studied at the University Lumière Lyon 2 and I finished my Master in Classics at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. I then continued my education in didactics at the University of Grenoble while I was working in Greece and in Turkey.
Why did you want to work in education? 
I came to education by chance. While at university, I used to volunteer at the local elementary school and help with homework and study hall. The teacher there kept telling me I had a knack for explaining things in a way that made sense to students. I was studying to become an epigraphist at the time and teaching in lower schools wasn’t at all on my radar! Then my roommate took a job as a substitute in a Middle School. He was SO excited about it that I decided to apply too. I had no idea what I was doing when I entered this 6th-grade class but again I received the same feedback from the faculty.
Finally, I got the chance to go back to work in Greece as a language assistant: It was a perfect way to continue my research at the same time. Well, you guessed it: Everybody kept telling me that I should be a teacher because I was obviously having so much fun doing it. I realized that I did love doing this and even if it took three schools and two countries, I decided to apply to be a teacher in Istanbul …and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since!
What is your best memory at SDFAS? 
My best memory is every time one of my former students comes to say “hi” or stays on zoom a bit longer to chat and invariably says: “Do you remember when we…” and yes, I do! I’m so glad to have created so many common memories with amazing kids, parents, and coworkers.
What do you love about your job the most?
I truly love sharing amazing stories with new students every year. Every year they come with a fresh eye, a different background, a different history, and they are able, each year, to see something in these stories that I would have never seen myself. They make everything new each time!
I come from a medical family and my mother always told me: When you work with humans there’s no “my job is over.” I think I like the fact that I’m never really done: There’s always something I can do better, something I can improve, somebody I can help, or somebody I can meet and create new memories with.
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For questions related to the middle school, please contact Tom Faure, Director of the middle school,

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