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— May 14, 2021 —

Kindergarten Graduation

We are excited to announce that this year’s Kindergarten Graduation will be held on campus! The ceremony will take place on June 11th at 3:45 pm. Immediate household members of each graduate will be able to attend. We will closely follow all the recommendations from the CDC. We are so proud of all of the children this year! They have all worked so hard, adjusted to change, and have shown awesome progress as bilingual students. We look forward to celebrating their achievements with you.

National School Nurse Day

Wednesday was National School Nurse Day. As you may have seen on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, Head of School Mark Rosenblum presented the wonderful Marilyn Rakow with followers in acknowledgment of this special day. We simply can’t afford to forget the important role that school nurses play in the education and safety of our children. Especially during this public health crisis, school nurses were the leaders in ensuring that schools were running safely and that students were learning in a healthy environment.

Boxes of Adventure

I strongly believe that project-based learning in literature is the best way to keep students engaged when it comes to reading books and building a lasting literary culture.

6th Graders have been reading adventure novels based on stories about “castaways” e.g. Vendredi ou la Vie Sauvage and Le Royaume de Kensuké. They created a diorama to present these books in a fun and creative way. Each box included quotes, their opinion about the novel, 6 key objects, 5 keywords, 5 emotions, and the summary of a passage.

I found this activity to be a great success. The final project kept the students engaged throughout the book — and it was just as effective as having to answer typical comprehension questions. In this year of Covid, and of constant use of computers, I realized it was a breath of fresh air for students to create the diorama.

For more photographs of the 6th-graders please click here.

The 7th Grade reading journals are based on the same idea. Students created a journal out of pride — not for a grade or at the behest of a teacher! The main objective was to empower students to create a journal that matched their personality: Some students filled theirs with a summary of the novel while others captured their thoughts through art.

In the end, the goal is the same: using engaging projects to ensure students love reading.

Sylvie Toudic (French language and literature teacher)

San Diego French Film Festival

San Diego French Film Festival will be releasing a virtual selection for all film lovers, Francophones, and Francophiles. This year’s theme is Francophone Voices, representing different cultures from all over the world sharing one language from June 1-6, 2021. More information can be found at 

Pre-School Pictures

— PK0-PK1-PK2 —

For all questions regarding orders, and to access all your child’s pictures, please text Alexandra Borbolla at 858-337-2389 Please note: After purchasing your pictures, Alexandra will optimize them for print or digital format as below:

Order the combined 2019-20/2020-21 Yearbook!

Only if you haven’t already ordered the 19-20 Yearbook. Families who have paid for the 19-20 Yearbook will receive the combined Yearbook automatically (no need to order a new one). We have received the list of last year’s orders from Lifetouch.

Questions? Please contact Tom Faure and/or Andrew Ericson

K-8th Grade 2019-2020 School Pictures!

If you haven’t received your free 2019-2020 class photo, please contact Stephanie Humbert at

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