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— May 21, 2021 —

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SDFAS Family Hike/Walk #2 – “La Jolla Scenic Coastal Walk”

Following the success of our first family outing at Torrey Pines, Mony Liquard has kindly agreed to organize a second one—La Jolla Scenic Coastal Walk. We have created a page dedicated to Hike/Walk#2, which you can access here for all the event details. 

Science Fair Update!

**In order to give students more time to finish their experiments and so as to ensure the event is well organized, the Science Fair will take place on the week of June 9th.** More Information

We are hosting our annual school science fair on June 9th. During these days, we will have student display boards set up on campus, and we will also have a virtual science fair for students who wish to share slide presentations about their experiments. Seventh graders will be presenting their projects. Participation for all other grades is optional. Science fair is an opportunity for students to use research and experimentation to explore topics of interest. As such, we invite and encourage all interested students to develop and share a science project. Students who participate will conduct an experiment and gather data in a journal. They will then compile their information into a slide presentation and/or display board. For safety purposes, experiments must be conducted off-campus. As such, parents and guardians are responsible for supervising and procuring materials. We would like students to make their own discoveries, so we encourage them to work as independently as possible. SDFAS community members will have the opportunity to look at all submitted projects, either virtually or in person. If you have questions, please contact Andrew Ericson,

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