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— May 21, 2021 —

Community Association update 

As you are aware, a recruitment process began in March of this year for the leadership of the Community Association. Since then we have received nominations from across the community. 

We reached out to the candidates nominated by other parents to confirm their interest. At the time of writing, we have one candidate for each of the leadership positions below. (Only one person nominated themselves). 

President | Vice-President (President-elect) | Secretary | Treasurer 

Should you still wish to be considered for a position on the Community Association Committee, we are more than happy to accommodate you. Please email to express your interest ASAP.

The next step is to present the full committee to the community before the end of the school year and seek a YES/NO approval of the group via an online survey in the Echo.

Please also find a description of each leadership position here.

Resilience – Our Core Value#5 – A message from the Head of School

Dear Parents,
Another weekend is upon us!  May is flying by!  OK. How did we make it through the year? Answer in large part:  RESILIENCE (SDFAS core value #5). And with that, what follows is a listening recommendation from the Head of School broadcast by Harvard Graduate School of Education to the world through their distance learning online platform Education NOW!
Please click below to watch The Power of Resilience (38m 06s).
Bon weekend,

Please return all library books

Message from the school librarian: Many of the books that were checked out by your children last year–before the lockdown–have NOT been returned. I would like to have them returned and shelved before the end of the school year. Could you please check your bookshelves, nightstands, car trunks, school bags, etc, and return all items marked with the school address and bearing a barcode sticker that looks like the SDFAS one below.

International Week

To celebrate all the nationalities we have at SDFAS, every year we celebrate International Week! In PK1 A and B this year we decided to have our mascot, Gaston, travel around the world, sending the children postcards about the countries he visits. We invited parents to send us basic facts and photos about their country, which we presented to the children. At the end of the week, we will do a little booklet with the presentation of each country we have covered. The children will take their booklet home.
To view the photographs of all the fun, please click here.
5th grade also got into the International Week groove with activities and presentations of countries from across the globe. To view the action, please click here.
And let’s not forget 2nd grade who also marked the occasion — view photos here.

California landmarks project

During the entire 4th-grade year students are learning all about California: its history, geography, people, resources, and ever-changing diversity. The students choose a landmark to research and create a visual project to then present to their classmates. Students demonstrated their creativity and hard work through such unique styles! Have a look at their fantastic efforts here.

Pre-School Pictures

— PK0-PK1-PK2 —

For all questions regarding orders, and to access all your child’s pictures, please text Alexandra Borbolla at 858-337-2389 Please note: After purchasing your pictures, Alexandra will optimize them for print or digital format as below:

Order the combined 2019-20/2020-21 Yearbook!

Only if you haven’t already ordered the 19-20 Yearbook. Families who have paid for the 19-20 Yearbook will receive the combined Yearbook automatically (no need to order a new one). We have received the list of last year’s orders from Lifetouch.

Questions? Please contact Tom Faure and/or Andrew Ericson

K-8th Grade 2019-2020 School Pictures!

If you haven’t received your free 2019-2020 class photo, please contact Stephanie Humbert at

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