ECHO 36 – Division Director updates

— June 4, 2021 —


A reminder that we are excited to announce that this year’s Kindergarten Graduation will be held on campus! The ceremony will take place on June 11th at 3:45 pm. Immediate household members of each graduate will be able to attend. We will closely follow all the recommendations from the CDC. 

For all questions regarding PreSchool, please contact Sophie Ricouard, Director of PreSchool at

Elementary School

June is here! I hope everyone is enjoying the great weather. Students will continue to enjoy campus life in a Covid context as we await the new guidance on June 15th. Until that date, students will continue to work on projects, end-of-the-year show (video), and academic activities. 

Report Cards will be accessible on June 16th on FACTS. Until that date, parents are invited to contact teachers directly if they wish to meet with them. There are no mandatory Parents Teacher conferences but we are all available if you want to discuss your child’s learning.

For all questions related to the elementary school, please contact Francis Carlier, Director of the elementary school,

Middle School

Educational Records Bureau (ERB). This week, MS students began taking the ERB’s CTP assessments. These annual diagnostics are not graded and not reported outside the school except by request. They offer students the opportunity to practice taking standardized, multiple-choice tests in a less stressful environment than future placement exams. The aggregate results provide the school with useful data tracking for tracking student progress. Students will take seven to eight subject tests (20 to 40 minutes each) on their Chromebooks over the course of the remaining term, using ERB’s secure app and supervised by Mr. Faure and teachers. Please contact if you have any questions.

8th Grade Week – Parents, please note the information sent Friday morning by Ms. Seidel and return the permission slip given to the students Friday afternoon. Thank you!

May Academic Newsletters: 6th grade | 7th grade | 8th grade

For questions related to the middle school, please contact Tom Faure, Director of the middle school,