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— June 4, 2021 —

Visit from French Consul General in Los Angeles to SDFAS

This week we were delighted to welcome Julie Duhaut-Bedos, the French Consul General in Los Angeles along with Olivier Ngo, Higher Education and French Language Attaché, and Marion Lanier, French Honorary Consul in San Diego to SDFAS.

Below: A masked and vaccinated Ms. Duhaut-Bedos learns about student coding projects from SDFAS students while adhering to Covid guidelines. 

Community Association 2021-22

After an open process of seeking nominations for the new Community Association, we are glad to announce that we now have a CA Leadership Team for your consideration. We received nominations and self-nominations from across the community and would like to present the following composition of volunteers for the Community Association 2021-22.
(All positions are for a duration of one year unless otherwise indicated.)
  • President – Symphony Moussighi
  • *Vice-President – Ana Walsh
  • Treasurer – Brooke Sowell
  • Secretary – Marina Andina
  • Past-President – Andrea Nahama
In accordance with the open nominations process, we kindly ask you to ratify the group by casting your vote — please click here. (Voting closes on Wednesday, June 9 at noon.)
*The VP becomes the President on completion of his/her one-year term. He/she then assumes the role of Past-President.

Update: 2019-20/2020-21 Yearbook

  • Expected arrival date end July
  • Students will be provided with an autograph insert on Monday, June 7 to allow them to ask their fellow students and teachers to sign and keep as a personalized memento (Only for already purchased yearbooks).
  • Families who have paid for the 19-20 Yearbook will receive the combined Yearbook automatically (no need to order a new one). 
  • Families who leave the school will be sent their copy by mail

Questions? Please contact Tom Faure and/or Andrew Ericson

1000 Unique Views!

This week, we achieved an incredible 1000 unique views for this great photo of 8th-Graders having their graduation photograph taken. All credit must go to teacher Liam Millett who captured this great moment. We thought it worth sharing again given its apparent popularity!

Reminder: Please Return All Library Books

Message from the school librarian: Many of the books that were checked out by your children last year–before the lockdown–have NOT been returned. I would like to have them returned and shelved before the end of the school year. Could you please check your bookshelves, nightstands, car trunks, school bags, etc, and return all items marked with the school address and bearing a barcode sticker that looks like the SDFAS one below.

Pre-School Pictures

— PK0-PK1-PK2 —

For all questions regarding orders, and to access all your child’s pictures, please text Alexandra Borbolla at 858-337-2389 Please note: After purchasing your pictures, Alexandra will optimize them for print or digital format as below:

K-8th Grade 2019-2020 School Pictures!

If you haven’t received your free 2019-2020 class photo, please contact Stephanie Humbert at

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