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— June 11, 2021 —

Expansion of the Spanish Acquisition Program

SDFAS is now truly multilingual. The school is proud to announce the expansion of its third-language Spanish acquisition program to all grades PK-8 starting 2021-22. Students will develop language skills and cultural competencies in a language spoken by nearly 500 million native speakers around the world.

PreSchool:FLEX-Immersion’ (SDFAS design). Foreign language exposure classes in a playful hands-on immersion setting conducted in Spanish by a qualified native-speaking teacher. Duration: Approx. 40 to 60 minutes per week.

Kindergarten to 5th grade: Foreign Language in Elementary School (FLES). In grades K-2 the primary focus is on the development of listening and speaking skills, and cultural awareness. In upper elementary grades 3-5 formal grammar study begins and supports the development of language proficiency and cultural knowledge. Duration: Approx. 60 to 100 minutes per week. 

Middle School (grades 6-8): Curriculum equivalent to Spanish II in high school. With a strong elementary school foundation, students will raise their level of Spanish proficiency in middle school by taking on more advanced grammar and vocabulary topics. Coursework will integrate level-appropriate literature, current events, and cultural practices from around the Spanish-speaking world. Duration: Approx. 100 minutes per week (minimum)

Spanish Speakers Program in grades 3 – 8. Students in the hispanohablantes program attend regular Spanish classes with all of the other students in their grade. Within the same program, they benefit from an extra period each week that is specifically designed for them. There are only two hispanohablante classes each year, one cross-age student group in grades 3-5 mixed, and one for students in grades 6-8 mixed.

Spanish Principiantes / Apoyo adicional Program in Grades 3 – 8. This additional class period per week is designed to support students with very little or no prior knowledge of Spanish. Focusing on foundational skills and targeted catch-up, the goal is to help students transition comfortably to the regular curriculum. This course also supports any student who might benefit from review, reteaching or additional practice. As with the hispanohablantes program, there are only two principiante/apoyo adicional classes each year, one cross-age student group in grades 3-5 mixed, and one for students in grades 6-8 mixed.

Kindergarten Graduation!

Congratulations to all of our Kindergarteners who graduated on campus today. Adhering strictly to Covid protocols, SDFAS held a ceremony to applaud and celebrate the children’s achievements. Check out the drone shot of the event setup!

Community Leadership Team – Ratified!

Thank you for casting your votes this week re: the Community Association Leadership Team. We are glad to announce that you 100% ratified the group. As a recap, here is your committee for 2021-22:
(All positions are for a duration of one year unless otherwise indicated.)
  • President – Symphony Moussighi
  • *Vice-President – Ana Walsh
  • Treasurer – Brooke Sowell
  • Secretary – Marina Andina
  • Past-President – Andrea Nahama
*The VP becomes the President on completion of his/her one-year term. He/she then assumes the role of Past-President.

Yellow Tier

The color yellow has never been on so many people’s lips in San Diego. Effective Wednesday, San Diego County crossed into the “yellow tier” as part of California’s plan for safely reopening counties during the coronavirus pandemic. Head of School, Mark Rosenblum got into the spirit and offered teachers and staff all things yellow for the weekend!

Distance Learning Students Design New Playgrounds New Bakers!

Distance Learning students were challenged with designing a playground through *TinkerCADfor PK/K students. Tapping into their imaginations they created all sorts of wonderful designs. (*Tinkercad is an online 3D modeling program for creating models for 3D printing as well as constructive solid geometry in schools.) Please check out one such student’s design and explanation of how the playground would work!

Our New Bakers!

This week class 3B teamed up to bake bread in the classroom! Divided into small groups, they worked autonomously and used a scale to measure ingredients in grams and milliliters. A great way to apply already learned math skills! End result: delicious bread that was appreciated by all!

Board Games Never Get Boring!

3rd-graders were asked this week to record their academic journey in the form of board games. The students designed and created their own games specific to a subject they had learned throughout the year. The creativity and level of design were quite simply …impressive!

Reminder: Please Return All Library Books 

Message from the school librarian: Many of the books that were checked out by your children last year–before the lockdown–have NOT been returned. I would like to have them returned and shelved before the end of the school year. Could you please check your bookshelves, nightstands, car trunks, school bags, etc, and return all items marked with the school address and bearing a barcode sticker that looks like the SDFAS one below.

Pre-School Pictures

— PK0-PK1-PK2 —

For all questions regarding orders, and to access all your child’s pictures, please text Alexandra Borbolla at 858-337-2389 Please note: After purchasing your pictures, Alexandra will optimize them for print or digital format as below:

K-8th Grade 2019-2020 School Pictures!

If you haven’t received your free 2019-2020 class photo, please contact Stephanie Humbert at

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