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— June 18, 2021 —

Message from Head of School

Dear Parents (and students),

Whether on-campus or online, for students and parents this was the most unusual of all imaginable years. Thanks to everyone’s patience, effort, and commitment to living and learning within the rigid and disciplined framework of so many protocols, constraints, and inconveniences, you did it!

Somehow, you managed together to live this year with a modicum of normalcy. Many in San Diego did not. Too many. Many in countries around the world did not. Too many. Here at SDFAS, on-campus and online, our kids were able to learn and be lovingly watched over by caring adults each and every day. Our students were able to interact with each other socially. They were able to giggle,  laugh, play and learn. And all of that with their friends, classmates, and peers. And, importantly, whether online or in the office, SDFAS parents were able to work, do their jobs, and properly support their children at home.

As one, we simply continued to live the mission of our school  — all together — in pursuit of a sought-after, unique, and exceptional bilingual education. Because what brought us all together in the first place was and continues to be our hope for our children to become citizens of the world. Comfortable to live and work, grow and learn, make friends, and raise families ANYWHERE on the planet earth as responsible, confident, and engaged global citizens.

School Supplies 2021/22

SDFAS is happy to partner with SchoolToolBox for Grades 1 through 8, a service that allows you to do school supply shopping from home! Students will receive quality, name-brand supplies that match their school supply list shipped directly home. Not only that, one meal is donated to Feed My Starving Children for every box ordered. It’s easy, visit your school’s SchoolToolBox and select your child’s grade, remove any items you already have, and purchase the rest. If you order supplies online, consider supporting the school by using Amazon Smile and Mabel’s Labels (San Diego French-American School (La Jolla)) to purchase name tags to label your child’s belongings! 

Call for Volunteers!

SDFAS relies heavily on the goodwill of volunteers to offer the school community a series of events every year. Our newly elected Community Association Leadership Team has put together a tentative list of events for 2021/22. The team would like to ask you to sign up to volunteer for the 2021/22 events listed below as Chair, Co-Chair, or Volunteer. (You can sign up for more than one event.)
Join the team! Please click here for the volunteer event form.

School Yearbook

The special edition 2019-2021 Yearbook will arrive at the end of July or early August. The books will be distributed in September to returning families and mailed to those who have moved away. 

Graduation Pics and Videos

Field Day Photos

Enjoy our Field Day 2021 pics from across the grades by clicking here.

Message from Development Office

If you are interested in purchasing a tea towel or aprons (see below) with children’s drawings, we have a few extra items from the following grades:
  • Tea Towels: PK0, PK1, PK2, 1st, 2nd and 4th grades ($25/each)
  • Aprons: Middle School ($30/each)
Please email the development office to order. First come first serve.

Hiking in Del Mar

Last Saturday, a group of 45 early starters hiked the Crest Canyon Trail in Del Mar. Families, old and new came together to make new friends and renew old acquaintances as we exit the Covid lockdown. 

Thank You 2020-21 Volunteers

Board of Trustees
Kyndra Leach,  Chair | Fernanda Coelho, Vice-Chair | Peter Westlake, Treasurer | Etienne Chaponnière, Secretary | Stacia Balog
| Emiline Cairncross | Artun Kutchuk | Janice Murabayashi| Erica Murphy | Alexis Nahama | Kurt Oreshack |Teresa Sekiguchi
Gala Committee
Ana Walsh, Chair | Mary Beckert | Alexandra Borbolla | Mathilde Epstein | Michelle Landin | Mony Liquard | Hala Madanat |Erica Murphy | Bianca Romero | Yuliya Valkanov | Angela Whiteside
Annual Fund Captains
Aaron Brennan | Regina Crosby | Rita Feghali | Donata Hammonds | Tawfik Jalil | Sabrina Kilpatrick | Michelle Landin | Judy Persky | Joshua Peterson | Julie Ripoll | Virginie Saget | Rahil Swigart | Sharron Turner Rudden | Norene Ybarra
Graphic Design & Video
Mary Beckert | Alexandra Borbolla
Community Association Leadership Team
Symphony Moussighi, President | Ana Walsh, VP | Bonnie Sowell, Treasurer | Marina Andina, Secretary | Andrea Nahama, Past-Chair
Room Parents
Andrea Nahama, Head Room Parent | Stephanie Labbe, Head Elementary Room Parent  | Marina Andina, Head Pre-Elementary Room Parent  | Natalia Bertran, Head Middle School Room Parent | Donata Hammonds | Nicole Miller | Gaby Picquet | Paula Nierenberg | Suzy Constanzo | Melissa Foo | Melanie Jalil | James Lambright | Rayanne Resende | Angela Phillips | Amy Sewick | Marjorie Joehnk | Mendy Hoppel | Brooke Sowell | Jennifer Benshlush | Gaby Picquet | Jennifer Oliver | Arnaud Leboyer | Holly Young | Bonnie Sowel Garibaldi | Anne Gold | Melanie Christie | Mattin & Gyulnara Badei | Rahil Swigart | Allison Owens | Lupita Hafen | Erica Murphy | Martha Price  Lew Mills | Heidi Zadeyan | Aaron Brennan | Shannon Bullard | Tania Marek
Parent Ambassadors

Tatsiana Gremyachinskiy | Melanie Jalil Christie | Sharon Brouha | Mendy Hoppel | Ana Walsh | Ann Amukele | Gladys Guesnard | Bianca Romero | Berna Sidal | Regina Crosby | Michele Landin | Heloise Brodin Vargas | Chris Monghal | Alex & Stephanie Labbe | Hala Madannat  | Aaron Brennan | Andy Rowell | Rositsa Tsanova | Sharon & Tobin Rudden | Heidi Zadeyan | Natalia Bertran | Serge Brachet | Izzy Tihanyi | Nahid Awad | Pam Godde | Gladys Guesnard | Marina Hayden | Alex & Stephanie Labbe | Nicoletta Mazis | Kerry Riché | Julie Ripoll 

Online French Film Festival

From July 6 to 17, 2021, you can watch 12 feature films and 12 short films free of charge and anywhere in the world on subtitled in over 10 languages. For more information click here.

Pre-School Pictures

— PK0-PK1-PK2 —

For all questions regarding orders, and to access all your child’s pictures, please text Alexandra Borbolla at 858-337-2389 Please note: After purchasing your pictures, Alexandra will optimize them for print or digital format as below:

K-8th Grade 2019-2020 School Pictures!

If you haven’t received your free 2019-2020 class photo, please contact Stephanie Humbert at

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