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— September 2, 2021 —

Return of After School Activities

We are thrilled to announce the return of After School Activities (ASA) on campus! Our ASA program has been designed to enrich students’ classroom learning and is connected to real-world experiences and skills. We offer both in-person and remote options. (In-person activities are organized by student cohort until further notice.)
If you have signed up for Extended Care you will receive a 10% discount on the after-school activity of your choice. It’s simple to sign up: Registration is through our dedicated website (see below) and payment via FACTS — we will apply the discount then.
NOTE: Limited Availability! Sign up by Monday, September 6th. Classes that reach the minimum number of students will start on September 13th.
Please click HERE to register for After School Activities.

The Gala, 2022 – Saturday, March 19th, 2022 – Save the Date!

The Gala directly benefits our students and faculty. Funds raised help us improve our campus (auditorium, track & field, etc.), preserve the socio-economic diversity of our student body through financial aid, invest in expert educators through professional development, foster innovation through programs and facilities (innovation lab), and much more.

Make an impact. Volunteer for the Gala!

Join us for the first Gala committee meeting on Tuesday, September 14th at 11:30 a.m.

Meeting ID: 331 052 0338 Passcode: 6550

We look forward to welcoming new and returning parents. If you cannot attend this 1st meeting but would like to participate, please send an email to Véronique Rahmati at

5th-Grade: What They Did For Summer

Back to school -ish…
Read a book,
Take a look,
Do you love art ?
Now play your part!
Coloring pencils and a black marker,
Please, tell us all about your summer.
Together, 5th graders have accomplish,
Something wonderful -ish!

Quick Note 1

Please note that the pick-up for Extended Care and Study Hall is at the PRE-K gate.

1st-Grade Match in Action!

This week, the 1st-grade played with numbers and made their first additions. Look like it’s all adding up to fun!

Some First-Day Words from Parents to Teacher

“M was all smiles at pick-up. He had such a wonderful day with you and his friends, old and new. ‘Mommy, today was an awesome day at school!'”

“He is currently drawing us a detailed map of campus and retelling his day and explaining where he went. So cute! I asked him what his favorite location was at school and he said his classroom.”

Middle School Campus Art!

Innovative recess Day-1 art thanks to Middle School!

Quick Note 2

We noticed that a lot of families have not updated their addresses in FACTS. Please update addresses, emails, and/or telephone numbers in FACTS when you get a moment.

First Day of Spanish Class 

First grade learn “boy” and “girl” on Day-1 of Spanish!

PreSchool English

Natalie is SO happy to be back in person with the preschool children this year! This week they enjoyed their “circle times” together where they share ‘news’, sing and dance to their favorite songs. The team also read lots of Back to School themed books including Mo Willems – Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!  PK2 also drew some fabulous self-portraits for their English Portfolios and even wrote their names.

Science Challenge

This week in U.S. Science the students used clues to decipher a code to figure out teacher Alexandra’s four class rules! They used clues such as Morse code and Pigpen to figure them out. Here they are in action:

Library Update

It’s time to subscribe! Here are two ways to enrich your children’s French book collection at home:
L’école des loisirs
A selection of 8 books, carefully selected for their high-quality content, that your child will receive at school from November to June.  To see the different catalogs, click here: Then click “USA/Canada” and the age-appropriate brochure. To subscribe, click here:
High-quality magazines on all kinds of topics that your children will receive at home every month; some magazines come with a CD or an online link for the audio version of the stories. Check out the titles here (code E21): Then click on the grade level tabs (Maternelle = PK-K; Primaire = Elementary; Collège/lycée = Middle/High school). Then click “Choisir mon offre” and then “Ajouter au panier”. 
If you have any questions, please contact me via email:
Anne Ricart

Spanish Expansion at SDFAS — And We’re Off!

And Lastly … Some Cute Pics of PK-0 First Recess 

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