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— September 23, 2021 —

Reminder: PK – K Picture Dates Confirmed

  • PK1 and PK2 individual and group pictures will take place on October 12th starting at 8:15 am.
  • PK0 individual and group pictures are scheduled for February 15th. 
  • Kinder students will have their individual pictures taken on Oct 5th with the elementary and MS students.

Cyber Safety Tip

5 Ways to Make YouTube Safer for Kids! A quick video filled with helpful tips. Click here to watch.

Spanish Heritage Month

We are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, dedicated to celebrating Hispanic American excellence and influence in the United States! Ms. Vazquez kicked things off with Monday’s Middle School Assembly announcing the major themes of this heritage month and the ways students can celebrate and learn more about Hispanic American culture and history. 

Let’s catch up with 8th-grade students in posing with the flags they created from a Spanish-speaking country this week. Directly underneath is a bulletin board to honor middle school students at SDFAS of Hispanic heritage.

Virtual Reality at SDFAS

Half of the 6th-grade students used VR headsets to deepen their understanding of the Solar System this week!

History Research 3rd Grade


 1A Digitial Media

1A students learned this week about how digital media makes them feel in digital citizenship class. 

8th-Grade Science

8th-grade students using the scientific method to test which substance causes Alka seltzer tablets to dissolve the fastest!

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