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— September 30, 2021 —

SDFAS, letters, Amiens and Qatar …

Pen pals are people who regularly write to each other, particularly via postal mail. Not something you hear much about these days in the e-charged world of communications we live in. That said, lead by teacher Emilie Bousquet, students from 5th, 6th and 8th grade have started a Pen Pal project with two schools:

  • l’école Bonaparte, Doha, Qatar
  • Le collège Rosa Parks, Amiens, France

The students recently sent their first letters in French (sometimes in both languages) to introduce themselves to their new pan pals. They talked about their History and Geography studies and but the important thing was to enjoy themselves during this old-school activity. 

We will keep you posted about this ongoing activity. More to follow!

5th grade

5th grade group shot, Lycée français Bonaparte, Doha, Qatar
5th-grade letters
5th-grade team photo
5th grade
8th-grade team pic
6th-grade team photo

La rentrée des CE2 B

Enjoy CE2 B in action as they celebrate la rentrée by watching this short video here.

Hopscotch in Spanish

This is one of the activities that students in 1st grade all three groups A/B/C did to acquire numbers 1 to 10 in Spanish.
Students learned about the game “La Raya” (hopscotch) and how it is also played by many kids at school in many Spanish-speaking countries. Then, students in 1st grade got to practice the numbers in a kinesthetic way by playing “La Raya ” with a little twist. Students had to state the number in Spanish as they landed in the number, students got to play it many times.


1st graders were busy practicing yoga this week!

Sports Corner

Volleyball game in Psychical Education for 3rd graders!

Spanish at SDFAS

Students in 6th grade playing a bilingual memory game to review colors and shapes in Spanish. 

Water world!

Right now the PK0 classes are learning around the theme “Fish”. They have been working on specific words: fish, water, turtle, and crab among others. To help them remember and use those words, the teachers prepared a couple of water activities outside in the playground and inside the classroom. As you can see they had a lot of fun!

 Hispanic Heritage Month Continues

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